Possibilities of vote collecting channels

Easy Access to Teller

The pain killer in the banking industry. Customers love these 24/7 accurate and user friendly teller that helps them to ditch the long Bank ques and not have to talk to other people to deposit or get your cash. With all of the deficiencies, customers are satisfied by using the ATM’s for their banking operations instead of using the traditional banking channels.

Increase customer retention

by reducing pain points of using ATMs

Concentrate on the core area and reduce footfalls

by keeping ATMs up and working with in=the-moment feedback from customers

Provide any time banking

by recognizing deficiencies regarding contextual feedback from ATMs' customers

Collect Feedback from Customers Using Bank ATM

XP On™ - Digital Screen

Displayed during product experience, one of the best ways to understand if a product is meeting customer’s expectation. The SDK can be integrated into any product with digital screen to request feedback.

  • Easy integration in any digital screen
  • Realtime feedback while using product
  • Collect contextual feedback

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Digital Screen


Stay in touch with your customers on any device in their pocket. Feedback is a text message away from your customer. Send SMS and text message feedback request post transaction, post delivery and at any other touchpoint using Press'nXPress platform. Reach customers via SMS in bulk with CSV import or connect to your systems via APIs and webhooks.

  • Customize your SMS feedback message
  • Send SMS feedback manually, or via APIs
  • Send bulk SMS feedback simultaneously
  • Mobile-friendly and easy to use for everyone
  • Track SMS feedback, deliveries and responses

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Two-ways SMS


A feedback request email is a common practice among companies that sell products and services. This feedback collection method will help you find out what your clients appreciate the most about the brand as well as the things which need improvements - a win-win solution for everyone. Your customers will be happy to help you and will be pleased that you care.

  • Customize your email feedback message, add logo, colors, add signature
  • Embed question so customers can respond directly within the email
  • Send email feedback manually, or via APIs after delivery or checkout
  • Send bulk email feedback simultaneously by uploading the list
  • Track emails sent, delivered, their open rate, response rate and more in real-time

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Embedded a feedback question in email

XP Poll™ - Chip & QR Code

Display feedback QR Code in any digital and physical location that matter to you. With our simple and cost-effective solution using QR code and chip enabled labels, you can complement other feedback collector channels at every single touchpoint to drive better response rates, quality data, and get your customers feedback in essential moments.

  • Convenient for anyone to use and share feedback QR Code feedback links are great for collecting feedback from your audience and customers
  • Get feedback wherever your customers are Get actionable feedback with optimized link for all devices—mobile, desktop, and tablet
  • Track, change and edit your QR Code question Editability, trackability, and changeability are key elements of QR feedback links

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QR code & chip feedback label

XP TouchFree™ - Touchless Smiley Feedback Terminal

Collect feedback right after point of service with TouchFreeXPress™ – the world’s first and only touchless feedback kiosk. This is the game-changer feedback kiosk. Simply manage question of multiple touchpoints and locations. Change questions remotely on an e-ink to monitor your customers satisfaction.

  • Completely Touchless Kiosk
  • Change questions remotely from dashboard
  • Switch to ABC choice and understand the “Why”
  • Portable and wireless
  • Works with included battery 2+ years
  • Wireless built-in connection (GSM networks)

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Touchless Feedback Collector for physical touchpoints in bank

Touchless smiley & multiple choice kiosk