Deskless Employee & Frontline Worker Engagement

Measure employee engagement and improve employee experience

Collect anonymous feedback directly from your employees and frontline deskless workforce. Measure employee engagement with PXP Deskless Worker & Employee Solution and improve employee experiences to keep your best people and attract top talent. Act on the feedback and engagement insight to increase the satisfaction, happiness, and commitment level of employees which helps companies and organization to meet their goals.

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Engage with your workforce

Drive employee engagement and satisfaction by continually listening to, understanding, and acting on the voice of your employees and frontline workforce. Improve the employee experience by taking action on what matters most to employees. Here’s how you can improve employee experience to increase employee happiness, productivity, and tenure and improve company loyalty using Press’nXPress!

Omni-channel Feedback Collection

Measure and monitor employee experience and satisfaction every moment and at every touchpoint. Press’nXPress collects employee feedback in real-time with Feedback Kiosk, SMS, Email, QR, web & app widget.

More than 45% feedback response rate

Press’nXPress simple, clickable, quick and anonymous feedback collection approach ensures a high completion rate and high-quality data from your employees about their experience (day to day job, skill and training, colleague and teamwork, manager, communication).

With continuous feedback collection from your employees assess key drivers of engagement including belonging, happiness, recognition, leadership, enablement, alignment, and development. Create a culture of listening, empowerment and action that fosters innovation and creativity in the organization by understanding your workers’ pain points, sentiments, and motivations.

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Drive innovation, productivity and creativity by collecting ongoing feedback

With continuous real-time employee feedback, executives, teams manager, departmental leaders, and HR teams can act on insights, plan for change, and improve employee experience.

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Touchless Feedback Kiosk

Feedback kiosks with high response rates are our major mode of collecting real-time employee and deskless worker feedback on site physical locations in retail, manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, and healthcare.

Uncover management issues and employee experience gaps.

Collect qualitative & quantitative feedback from employees.

Stand alone & portable works with included battery.

Manage feedback kiosks remotely for all locations and automatically.

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Use Feedback To Increase Productivity

What factors have the greatest influence on your employee engagement and productivity? Track over time employee satisfaction metrics such as eNPS (employee net promoter score) or eSAT (employee satisfaction) and impact of changes and improvements to overall satisfaction and engagement level of employees across organization. Happy and empowered employees are less likely to leave. We'll help you identify the areas you need to focus on to keep employees motivated, drive innovation and increase productivity.


Real-time & Actionable Insights

Whether you have 50 or 5000 employees, collect feedback all year round. Learn and understand your employee experience gaps and concerns from the data and insights. Act on employee feedback otherwise it is pointless and you will loose their interest to provide feedback. Show your employees you care and you value their ideas. Real-time insights that enables your managers, team leads and HR leads to continuously monitor employee experience and identify improvement opportunities. Inform your employees about your actions, what you are changing and the plans for the future.

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Customer Effect

Impact on Customer Satisfaction

Frontline workers are close to your customers. Engage and listen to your employees experience as well as their ideas and opinions on how to improve service and productivity. Making employees feel valued, motivated and engaged by taking meaningful action on what is most important to them. Happy employees create happy customers, which in turn creates a more profitable and competitive business. Monitor customer satisfaction scores and employee experience scores side by side and understand how improvement to employee experience impacts customer satisfaction.


Employee & Worker Engagement at a Glance

Get full visibility into all employees including deskless and frontline workers engagement across departments and multiple sites. Customize and group feedback in a way that works best for your organization reporting. Our reporting platform maps feedback to your organization structure. Dashboards and results can provide the right data to every team leader and manager in the organization. Role and location based dashboards to identify insights and take action. This can be done with just a few clicks inside Press’nXPress user-friendly dashboard.

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Why Brands Love Press’nXPress

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Impact with actionable insights

High volume of feedback and insights identifies key drivers to focus on to improve engagement and ability to track and see how actions impact employee experience and workplace productivity.

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Get employee feedback at scale

Enabling employees and all workers to give feedback how and when it suits them. PXP platform helps capturing ongoing employee feedback to drive organizational change.

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Compare and act on engagement

See what’s working or not with each team and department. Compare and identify teams, departments, and offices that have lower employee engagement. Take action and reduce unwanted and costly attrition.

Ideal for Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare and Retail

Increase engagement and improve the quality of service and products by listening to your deskless workforce. Ideal for organization with multi shift and locations that are looking to improve and increase satisfaction and productivity.

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Collection of feedback, suggestion and comments from employees including frontlineworkers to understand employee experience gaps. Understand what motivates your people to go above and beyond at work.

Move away from yearly surveys to reliable continuous feedback that increase engagement and productivity.

Decrease Employee Turnover by listening to employees and increasing their engagement.

Monitor change by measuring impact of improvement action on revenue, service quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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Lower unwanted and costly attrition

Turn deskless employee feedback into improvements to improve employee experience and increase their engagement

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