We transform feedback into actionable insights

Understand what clients say and feel at every touchpoint. Our algorithms and text analytics engines examine qualitative and quantitative data. Automatically connect customer feedback to business drivers and KPIs. Analyze data and discover insights using the real-time dashboard. With the dashboard's easy-to-use design, you can rapidly glance through feedback, track trends, and filter and search for details.

Pre-built reports that save time Don't waste time trying to figure out the data and make reports. Align your organization's efforts around the customer experience and let everyone in your organization focus on analyzing the results. With permission-based access and integrated customer data across all channels, you can get rid of silos for customer feedback data. Set up email alerts for trends that you can receive in real time. We make it easy for teams to find their own useful insights.


  • Executive dashboards and operational reports for every role in organization
  • Understandable customer insights to take improvement action faster
  • Monitor daily, weekly, monthly, rolling average KPIs, response counts and more
  • Slice and dice data by user group, cluster, topic, customer touchpoint, sentiment
  • View big picture trends and spot anomalies at a glance
  • Never miss a trend by receiving automatic alerts and scheduled reports
  • Automatic alert to the teams in case of changes in feedback trends to take action
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Insight that supports decisions Automated analysis that converts feedback data into tangible and understandable insights. Monitor client satisfaction along the customer journey based on data collected from different touchpoints and channels (on-site feedback terminals, website, email, voice, SMS…). Explore root cause, pinpoint opportunities and risks in each area, and take action to improve.

Diagnose CX metrics by your business drivers Use custom filters to monitor your customers' experience and expectations. See how PXP score or other CX metrics vary by location, section, or any touchpoint.

  • Physical location: Get real-time feedback at any physical touchpoint by geography
  • Digital channel: Understand satisfaction across all digital touchpoints including website, app, and messenger.

Identify feedback themes Using automated sentiment analysis, all the open feedback comments will be categorized and clustered. As responses come in, clustering helps you surfaces issues, prioritize improvements, or assign appropriate teams to take action.

Take action with Integrations Enrich your CRM data with customer feedback data for better customer intelligence. Trigger workflows to close the loop with customers. Distribute periodic and automatic reports to the different levels of the organization.

Take full control of your feedback data visualizations and analysis

Capture customer & employee feedback through various channels, including physical, digital, social, and voice. PXP cloud-based platform simplifies the process of monitoring customer satisfaction and provides actionable insights to prioritize improvements and drive business success.

Press'nXPress Solution

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