Human Resources

Measure, track, and understand employee behavior to reduce turnover and improve overall job satisfaction.

Engage and empower employees to reduce turnover, improve overall job satisfaction, and drive better business performance. Safely collect real-time, ongoing, and anonymous feedback from your deskless workforce, leading to increased engagement and productivity, and lower turnover. Build your success by engaging your employees.

You Can't Succeed Without Your Employees Engaged employees are key to a customer centric culture – but how do you know how your employees are feeling? Decades of data has confirmed that engaged employees equal lower turnover, higher productivity and happier customers. Companies spend billions each year to replace hourly workers while hiring deskless and manual services workers will have a harder time than recruiting and retaining current employees. Although high wage growth is fantastic news for hourly workers, research shows that deskless worker churn is mostly related to avoidable factors, including slow career advancement, overwork, and lack of recognition from management. How do you get the picture in real time on the status of your employees and deskless workers?

How Press'nXPress Can Help

  • Reduce Employees and Deskless Workers Turnover and Improve Retention You can’t get the big picture in a vacuum. We help you to understand why your employees churn or why some sites have higher engagement, satisfaction, and retention than others.
  • Identify Broken Processes and Inadequate Tool and Training Uncover root cause on issues from operational inefficiencies to barriers in order to get a clear picture of employee experience in real-time, anytime.
  • Measure the Team Effectiveness Empower your company’s teams of all types to do their best work together by measuring and improving team dynamics and performance.
  • Measure the moments that matter Provide full lifecycle coverage across the employee experience in your organization. Capture feedback from the day your people join to the day they leave.