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Uncover and act on the "why" behind customer feedback

Ratings and NPS scores alone are insufficient for identifying areas for improvement, so we built PXP Restaurant to help restaurant and franchise businesses provide better experience using customer feedback data.

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Let’s increase your feedback responses

The goal is to continue soliciting all types of customer feedback (both positive and negative) so that you can get the most accurate picture. Improve the dining experience, operation, and business decisions you make as you work to outperform competitors. Here’s how you can get more and better customer feedback using Press’nXPress restaurant feedback software!

Omni-channel Feedback Collection

Press’nXPress customer feedback solution collects relevant feedback from customers anywhere anytime with Feedback Kiosk, SMS, Email, QR, and website widget that is actionable. Simply integrate with POS and other systems to request and collect contextual feedback.

More than 45% feedback response rate

Press’nXPress simple clickable quick feedback collection approach ensures a high completion rate and high-quality data across all aspects of operation (dine-in, online ordering, takeout, and delivery).

With continuous feedback collection from your guests at different interaction points provide a positive experience to them. By listening to your customers and responding to their thoughts, you can improve the dining experience, improve your service, and build customer relationships and build your brand reputation. With Press'nXPress Restaurant Feedback Software, you can get real-time customer feedback in restaurant, online order, and for delivery.

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Revolutionize your customer experiences with real-time operations

From food preparation to staff service, Press’nXPress customer feedback software for restaurants collects and analyzes feedback data unique to each location and suggests high-impact improvements that will most likely boost guest satisfaction and increase revenue.

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Touchless Feedback Kiosk

Looking for a way to allow your customers to share their feedback while they are still in your restaurant? Customer feedback kiosks with high response rates are our major mode of collecting real-time customer feedback which is ideal for customer interaction points in restaurants.

Collect qualitative & quantitative feedback.

Stand alone & portable works with included battery.

Change questions remotely for all locations.

Uncover friction points in service delivery in real-time.

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Opportunity Risk

Focus on Your Biggest Opportunities

What factors have the greatest influence on your guests' experience? Press'nXPress feedback solution tells you what’s happening at your restaurant before your customers post negative feedback on social media like Yelp and Facebook. Each location may be unique, but you don't have to dig through the data to find out. We use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to prioritize high-impact opportunities for each operations team and link to detailed reviews for more information.

Real-Time Feedback Alerts

Notifications & Actionable Insights

Whether you have 10 locations or 100, learn more about incidents and operational problems, find areas to improve productivity, and identify opportunities to raise the service quality. Improve operations across all locations to increase customer satisfaction. Get real-time alerts and notifications for all new feedback at your restaurant, react to feedback, spot problem areas, improve processes, and staff shifts and identify cost-savingand investment opportunities.

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recover dissatisfied customers at scale
Revenue Retention

Recover Dissatisfied Customers at Scale

By encouraging every restaurant customer to leave an honest review at every connection point with your business, you’ll see valuable feedback roll in and know exactly how to pivot for a better bottom line. Press’nXPress automatically sends apology emails and loyalty rewards to dissatisfied customers, so you can bring back customers who could have churned otherwise. Many brands are recovering revenue by setting guest recovery on autopilot!


Team & Location Performances at a Glance

Get full visibility into team performances across locations and over time; from company and industry benchmarks to location-level daypart & shift metrics. Get reports for each of your restaurant location or receive cumulative data for all your locations aggregated together. Customize and group locations in a way that works best for your organization reporting. Give location-based access and permission to each restaurant manager to track their performance. This can be done with just a few clicks inside Press’nXPress user-friendly dashboard.

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Why Brands Love Press’nXPress

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More granular data points

Understand why factor behind customer complaints (e.g. whether customer satisfaction is due to low food quality, service or ambience).

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Certainty in revenue growth

Press’nXPress uses Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to identify improvement areas that can increase revenue and guest satisfaction.

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Hands-on strategy sessions

Our Customer Success team will assist you in interpreting data insights and making strategic recommendations to ensure your success.

Ideal for Fast Casual Restaurants, Franchise Restaurants, Cafeterias, Take-Out Restaurants, and Casual Dining & Cafe

Guests expect the right level of service when they dine. With feedback and insights about in-store experiences readily available, restaurant managers, regional leaders, and operation managers can quickly take actions to improve service, staff behavior, and operation efficiency.

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It's great to have an automated response. If it's a thank you or an apology, it allows us to provide our customers with the immediate response they expect.

Move away from social media reviews to reliable customer feedback that drives operational change in restaurant.

Recover revenue and increase loyalty through real-time feedback collection and response automation.

Native feedback and integration to collect instant feedback from customers to improve restaurant operation.

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Provide exceptional experience to your customers

Let’s remove the guesswork to improve your your operation and service for repeat customer and loyalty.

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