CX Professionals

Improve cx program effectively and efficiently to differentiate your organization based on the customer experience. Make sure that big decisions are supplemented by data.

Empower your customer to tell you what they need. With Press’nXPress customer feedback management (CFM) platform, you don’t need to ask your customers about their experience, it’s already integrated as part of their journey across various touchpoints an in the moment of service.

**Too much data, too little insights ** Your organization is counting on you to reimagine the customer experience and transfer the culture. Collecting accurate, relevant, consistent, and comprehensive customer data is pivotal to finding answers. However, sorting through that fragmented and siloed data to find insights is very time consuming and ambiguous.

Collecting customer data and understanding your customers is important to prioritize strategic investments and maximize customer impact.

How Press'nXPress Can Help

  • Sort Data Collect customer experience quality data in moment, as a natural part of your customer journey, an across all digital and physical touchpoint; piece-by-piece.

  • Derive Actionable Insights Our feedback management platform empowers you to dig deeper into your customer data, analyze various KPIs, and uncover the areas where your resources will be best allocated.

  • Prepare for the Future Our AI-based platform learns from today’s customers data and predicts the trends of tomorrow to let you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Track Your Progress Monitor your brand perception from customer point of view based on massive in moment feedback for consistent CX growth.

  • Take Action Press’nXPress ensures the appropriate customer feedback flows to the right internal owner, in real-time and enables CX department to take timely action.