Real-Time Monitoring of Your Customer Satisfaction

Measure satisfaction at each point of experience…

Continuously measure, analyze and improve
customer satisfaction

Collect reliable data

Identify trends

Understand the why

Redefine goals

Take action

Collect reliable data

Understand every customer’s experience Monitor and analyze each interaction across the full customer journey in your business using our various physical and digital terminals and plugins.

Identify trends

Once you have customer satisfaction data at each point of experience, you can focus on the key business metrics and see how they trend over time. Compare periods of time to identify opportunities to improve.

Understand the why

Now it is the time to understand the root cause of each trend. What makes every Sunday the worse day of the week from customer points of view? Why does customer satisfaction drop dramatically at check-in desk Fridays evening?

Redefine goals

Refine your goals according to your business customer satisfaction trends and root causes ups and downs in your business. Develop strategies to reach your goals and investigate all the hypotheses.

Take action

This is the stage to close the gap between insight and action. Execute your strategies and test your hypotheses on the fly and in real-time. Immediately figure out which strategies work best.

More Than A Customer Feedback

A customer experience analytics platform that allows every business owner and manager deeply understand their customer experiences at point of service and right after receiving the service. A turnkey cost-effective solution for service-oriented businesses and organizations for monitoring their customer experience in real-time.

Deeper Insight

Turn data into actionable insight in few clicks.

Benefits & Feel

User friendly, flexible and practical solution.

Monitor Your Business Arrhythmia
Even for a healthy business

Simple non-intrusive and least expensive technology for diagnosis of arrhythmia in your business. Continuously monitor and record satisfaction changes that reflect the customer experience for the most important and competitive touchpoints.

Put sensors in your business body.

Our Products

At a Glance

Press'nXPress features include but not limited to:
  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring
  • Easy-to-understand report
  • Aggregate customer satisfaction across all channels
  • Real-time and custom alerting system
  • Integrates with other tools
  • Available on all platforms
  • Customized labeling for staff, events, etc.
  • Different access level for staff
  • Non intrusive and easy to use
  • Affordable solution for any size of business

Download Press’nXPress app according to your device operation system.

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