About Press'nXPress
About Press'nXPress Customer Feedback Platform

About us

Press’nXPress is a leading provider of real-time, omni-channel customer feedback collection and analysis solutions. Our fully automated platform allows organizations to evaluate their performance by collecting customer satisfaction feedback in-the-moment throughout the unpredictable customer journey.

We understand that modern customer journeys are complex, with ever-increasing touchpoints and expectations across multiple channels. Every moment presents an opportunity to understand and improve the customer experience. To meet the needs of today's businesses, we offer a journey-based, contextual, and omni-channel solution that enables continuous and in-the-moment CX measurement. Our goal is to develop modern technologies that strengthen the customer and employee experiences just in time.

Core Objectives:

  • Create the best in class Customer Experience Management platform
  • Create the best in class Employee Experience Management platform
  • Become the best in class in-the-moment feedback management platform
  • Deliver the most insightful 360-degree feedback management platform
  • Provide the best-in-class innovative omni-channel platform
  • Improve today’s organizations overall performance