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A frictionless feedback kiosk with smiley buttons is an effective way for businesses to collect customer feedback at any physical location. By asking one relevant question at a time, businesses can trigger informed interventions to improve the customer experience. Customers can easily express their feedback as they pass by the kiosks, leading to a high volume of responses. This substantial volume of feedback can provide valuable insights for making improvement decisions and ultimately increasing profits. Compared to traditional surveys, the use of feedback kiosks can also help build confidence in decision-making processes.

Receive high-quality feedback effortlessly

Ready to use in a couple of minutes with easy and simple installation

Engage the right people at the right time

Get actionable feedback from the right customer with context

Receive alert and notification in real-time

Act on poor experiences before it's too late

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Touchless Terminal Customer Feedback Collector

TouchFree XPress

Press'nXPress Touchfree Customer Feedback terminal is the world's first and only touchless feedback kiosk for collecting customer feedback right after the point of service. It's a game-changer in the feedback industry. With this kiosk, you can easily manage questions from multiple touchpoints and locations. You can also change questions remotely on an e-ink display to monitor your customer experience and employee engagement. This innovative solution is perfect for businesses that want to improve their customer satisfaction levels and stay ahead of the competition.

Touchless Customer Feedback Terminal to Capture Customer Feedback
  • Completely touchless
  • Change questions remotely from the dashboard
  • Switch to ABC choice and understand the “Why”
  • Collect Quantitative and Qualitative feedback
  • Easy to implement plug-and-play
  • Works with the included battery 2+ years
  • Wireless built-in connection (GSM networks)

Touchless Customer Feedback Kiosk for Hotel and Hospitality
Touchless Feedback Collector for physical touchpoints in Retail
Touchless Feedback Terminal for physical interaction points in Restaurant

Why businesses should use Press'nXPress feedback kiosks?

Feedback kiosks are an effective way for businesses to collect customer feedback in real-time.

Increase response rate

Feedback kiosks make it easy for customers to leave feedback as they don't have to go through the hassle of filling out lengthy surveys. This increases the likelihood of customers providing feedback, leading to a higher response rate.

Real-time feedback

Feedback kiosks provide businesses with immediate feedback on customer experience, allowing them to quickly address any issues or concerns.

Data-driven insights

Feedback kiosks provide businesses with valuable data-driven insights into customer behavior, preferences, and overall satisfaction. This can help businesses make data-driven decisions and improve the overall customer experience.

Customizable questions

Feedback kiosks allow businesses to customize the questions they ask customers, ensuring they collect relevant feedback that can be used to improve business operations.

Improved customer loyalty

By actively seeking and addressing customer feedback, businesses can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, leading to increased customer retention and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Smiley Feedback Terminal

A wireless feedback kiosk with three smiley buttons can be an effective tool for businesses to collect customer feedback and discover the reason behind their dissatisfaction. These portable and easy-to-set-up kiosks can be placed at any touchpoint to provide a hassle-free solution for staying in touch with customers and collecting feedback. By asking customers to input their feedback about a particular question at each kiosk, businesses can effectively capture their thoughts and improve their overall experience.

Collect Customer Feedback With Smiley Device
  • Wireless connection (GSM or Wi-Fi networks)
  • Portable and wireless with battery-life up to 3 years
  • High response rate of 30% and more compared to survey
  • Plug-and-play easy to implement and scale
  • Automatically detect unreliable response
  • Alert and notification in real-time in case of dissatisfaction
  • Non-intrusive feedback in the moment of service

ABC Choice Terminal

To gather more detailed and precise feedback, businesses can use an ABC multiple-choice button kiosk as an alternative to a smiley terminal. While quantitative feedback is helpful for identifying problems, qualitative feedback can provide insights into why those problems exist. By analyzing both types of feedback, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of specific issues and their underlying causes. This approach can help businesses improve their products or services and enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Understand the “Why” but keep a high response rate
  • Wireless connection (GSM or Wi-Fi networks)
  • Portable and wireless with battery-life up to 3 years
Collect Qualitative Feedback in Location with Feedback Device


By utilizing the Press'nXPress feedback app kiosk, businesses can gather valuable open-ended feedback from customers. This feedback can provide additional descriptive information that complements traditional survey data and help identify specific areas of dissatisfaction. This information can be used to improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Press'nXPress feedback app kiosk is an easy and convenient way for customers to provide feedback on-the-spot.

  • Open-ended response
  • Ask the follow up “WHY” question
  • Direct to social platforms to leave positive feedback
  • Manage and change questions remotely
Collect Customer Feedback from Customers With Tablet

How feedback kiosk can benefit your business?

To truly understand your customers' experience and expectations, it's important to capture their perceptions of your service performance in real-time and at the point of experience. Feedback kiosks provide a convenient way to collect customer feedback at the point of transaction, which can dramatically increase the accuracy of the feedback collected. By offering customers a readily available opportunity to provide feedback through feedback kiosks when receiving service or interacting with your product, you can gain authentic insights that can help improve your business.


To enhance retail customer satisfaction, it's important to place feedback terminals at strategic locations to gather feedback at critical points of their visit. By doing so, businesses can pinpoint and address service performance issues immediately after the service is provided, thus preventing any potential escalation. This is an effective way to create meaningful customer relationships, build trust, and promote loyalty, ultimately encouraging customers to return to your business.

Retail Solution

Hospitality and Travel

Utilize touchless guest feedback kiosks to collect real-time feedback at every physical touchpoint, and gain actionable insights to increase conversions, satisfaction, advocacy, and spend. By creating a memorable travel experience, businesses can encourage customers to return and continue using their services. With touchless feedback kiosks, customers can easily provide their feedback without any physical contact, ensuring a safe and efficient experience.

Hospitality Solution

Facility Services

Measuring service quality is essential for facilities services businesses. Utilizing employee feedback kiosks, businesses can collect real-time, continuous, and anonymous feedback from their workforce to identify service gaps and improve overall quality. This leads to increased employee engagement, productivity, and lower turnover rates. By measuring service quality, businesses can ensure they are meeting customer expectations and make data-driven decisions to improve their operations.

Facility Solution


In the highly competitive health services industry, it is essential to monitor service performance and meet patients' expectations. That's why utilizing a feedback kiosk right at the point of care can be extremely beneficial. With real-time feedback, healthcare providers can capture patients' perceptions and take immediate action to improve the patient experience. This approach can lead to increased patient satisfaction, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth marketing. So, if you're in the healthcare industry, consider using a feedback kiosk to enhance your service performance and exceed patient expectations.

Healthcare Solution


Customer feedback kiosks are a great way for businesses to continuously measure traveler satisfaction throughout their journey. With physical touchpoints at various stages of the journey, businesses can listen to their customers in real-time and promise a smooth travel experience. By reacting to dissatisfied responses and taking immediate action, businesses can make both short-term and long-term improvements to their operations and processes, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Utilizing customer feedback kiosks is an effective way to capture authentic insights from customers and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall travel experience.

Transportation Solution

Human Resource

To effectively manage your workforce, you must first measure their engagement and satisfaction levels. One way to do this is by utilizing an employee feedback kiosk, which allows you to collect real-time, continuous, and anonymous feedback from your deskless workforce in a simple and user-friendly manner. By collecting feedback from frontline workers and identifying areas for improvement, businesses can increase engagement and productivity while lowering turnover rates. With the help of an employee feedback kiosk, businesses can foster a culture of open communication and continuous improvement to drive success.

Deskless Solution

Capture customer & employee feedback through various channels, including physical, digital, social, and voice. PXP cloud-based platform simplifies the process of monitoring customer satisfaction and provides actionable insights to prioritize improvements and drive business success.

Press'nXPress Solution

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