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Transform the healthcare experience

Enhance patient satisfaction and exceed expectations with PXP Healthcare Feedback Solution. From in-person visits to telehealth appointments, gain valuable insights directly from patients to enhance every aspect of their healthcare journey. Utilize patient feedback to optimize operations, elevate the level of care provided, and ultimately, strengthen your healthcare institution's reputation and brand.

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Enhance Patient Loyalty and Retention

The objective is to consistently gather diverse patient feedback (including positive and negative) to pinpoint areas for enhancing patient loyalty, satisfaction, and healthcare revenue. Monitor the patient journey at each touchpoint from admission to discharge to amplify patient satisfaction through immediate insights and interaction. Discover how you can enhance patient satisfaction and encourage return visits to stimulate healthcare facility growth by leveraging Press'nXPress Healthcare Feedback Solution!

Omni-channel Feedback Collection

Monitor and optimize patient satisfaction throughout the omni-channel patient journey. Press'nXPress gathers patient feedback in real-time through Feedback Kiosk, SMS, Email, QR, web & app widget, and call center.

More than 45% feedback response rate

Press’nXPress simple clickable quick feedback collection approach ensures a high completion rate and high-quality data across all aspects of operation (in location experience, quality and speed of service, and staff attitude).

With continuous feedback collection from your patients at every stage of their healthcare journey, deliver a positive experience to your patients. Position your healthcare institution as a hub for exceptional patient care and experiences. Connect feedback data across various patient interaction points to enhance experiences, take immediate action, and cultivate loyal patients for life.

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Transform patient experiences with real-time feedback

With real-time feedback and insights on patient experiences accessible for each healthcare facility, general managers, regional managers, and care teams can promptly implement actions to enhance service quality, staff interactions, and operational efficiency.

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Touchless Feedback Kiosk

Patient feedback kiosks with high response rates are our primary method of collecting real-time patient feedback at various interaction points within healthcare facilities.

Uncover friction points & enable prompt service recovery in real-time.

Collect qualitative & quantitative feedback.

Stand alone & portable works with included battery.

Change questions remotely for all locations.

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Focus on Your Biggest Opportunities

What factors have the greatest influence on your patients' experience? Each healthcare facility may be distinct, but you don't have to sift through the data to find out. We utilize AI-powered Text Analytics to pinpoint crucial patient concerns before they escalate. We'll assist you in identifying the areas you need to concentrate on to enhance patient loyalty and satisfaction. Discover critical insights at every stage of the patient journey from admission to discharge. Prioritize high-impact opportunities for each healthcare facility's operation team and link to detailed feedback for further insights.


Real-time & Actionable Insights

Whether you have 5 or 50 healthcare facility locations, gain deeper insights into incidents, service issues, and operational challenges, and pinpoint opportunities to enhance the patient experience quality. Enhance operations across all facilities to foster patient loyalty with actionable insights and automated solutions. Receive real-time alerts on both desktop and mobile devices to enable staff to prioritize and improve experiences. Receive alerts for negative feedback, promptly address concerns, identify problem areas, refine processes and staffing schedules, and uncover cost-saving and investment opportunities.

real time and actionable insights
recover dissatisfied customers at scale
Revenue Retention

Recover Dissatisfied Customers at Scale

By encouraging every patient to provide honest feedback at every interaction point with your healthcare facility, you'll receive valuable insights and understand how to enhance your bottom line. Press'nXPress automatically sends apology emails to dissatisfied patients, aiding in patient retention and preventing potential attrition. Share data-driven insights and experiences to empower healthcare and facility managers in refining their approaches and guiding their teams towards improved services that encourage repeat patient visits.


Team & Location Performances at a Glance

Get full visibility into team performances across healthcare facility locations and track over time; from industry benchmarks to location-specific daypart and shift metrics. Integrate feedback and sentiment data with transactional data, marketing efforts, and operational insights to cultivate enduring relationships with patients Customize and group healthcare facilities in a manner that aligns with your organization's reporting needs. Utilize role and location-based dashboards to pinpoint insights and enact necessary actions. Achieve this seamlessly through Press'nXPress's user-friendly dashboard with just a few clicks.

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Why Brands Love Press’nXPress

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Opportunity to delight patients

Understand the underlying factors behind patient experiences and unearth opportunities to delight patients, enhance healthcare satisfaction, and encourage return visits.

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Turn detractors to promoters

Understand the primary drivers behind patient feedback to promptly address concerns and resolve issues, thus enhancing patient retention for improved healthcare experiences.

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Hands-on strategy sessions

Our Customer Success team will offer support and notify you of new features. They will aid in interpreting data insights and provide strategic recommendations to guarantee your success.

Ideal for Healthcare Institutions with Multi-Location Operations

Scale your patient feedback program across multiple healthcare facility locations, regions, and even countries. From facility general managers to regional leaders, everyone can monitor service and operational enhancements and their impact on patients and the healthcare institution's brand.

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Collection of feedback in healthcare facilities is crucial to understand patient experience gaps in the moment of care.

Move away from unreliable sources to reliable patient feedback that drives operational improvements in healthcare.

Recover revenue and enhance patient loyalty through real-time feedback collection and automated responses.

Native feedback and integration to gather instant feedback from patients to optimize healthcare operations.

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Build lifelong trust and satisfaction so patients return for their care needs to your facilities.

Every interaction is an opportunity to provide exceptional care and build lifelong patient loyalty.

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