Collecting feedback from customers through email is an effective way to gather valuable insights and improve your services or products. With Press'nXPress, you can easily send email feedback requests to customers after events, purchases, or service interactions. These requests can include embedded questions and links to a feedback form, making it easy for customers to provide their feedback quickly and easily. By eliminating lengthy surveys and focusing on a single question, you can increase response rates and gather qualitative opinions that contribute to building customer loyalty.

Increased response rate in real-time

Access to real-time results for convenient analysis

Cost effective and easy to administer

Simple to launch and reach your customers anytime

Contextual trigger for in-the-moment feedback

Targeted feedback request to customers after a specific action

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Collect feedback from customers with email feedback

Why feedback request email is important?

A feedback request email is a common practice among companies that sell products and services. This feedback collection method will help you find out what your clients appreciate the most about the brand as well as the things which need improvements - a win-win solution for everyone. Your customers will be happy to help you and will be pleased that you care.

  • Customize your email feedback message, add logo, colors, add signature
  • Embed question so customers can respond directly within the email
  • Send email feedback manually, or via APIs after delivery or checkout
  • Send bulk email feedback simultaneously by uploading the list
  • Track emails sent, delivered, their open rate, response rate and more in real-time

Best ways to use an Email Feedback

Automate email feedback request with APIs

Send email feedback based on different triggers like post purchase, post pickup, post delivery and similar by integrating Press'nXPress to your system via APIs and Webhooks.

Upload bulk contacts

Looking to send email feedback request to lots of customers together? Upload CSV to send email feedback request to bulk contacts at Press'nXPress.

Send Email Feedback manually

Add multiple customer names and email address to send email request manually to get feedback through Press'nXPress platform.

See Your Emails Through Your Customers Eyes

Ask for customer feedback in your emails to understand the feeling and needs of your email subscribers and take action to improve. Add email feedback collector in your emails so that customers can respond directly in their received email for higher response rates.

  • Understand how your customers feel about your emails within seconds after sending it
  • Ask the right question at the right email touchpoint
  • Best practices and questions library offers inspiration for relevant engagement
  • Ask specific sub questions based on given answers and discover the root cause why emails perform the way they do
  • Automated text analytics will help you get to the root cause by analyzing the text of incoming feedback
  • With real-time insights available on dashboard make more informed decisions and improve customer experience

Email Feedback Request Key Points

  • Send feedback request emails right after the service - Ensure that the recipient still has a clear memory to offer a proper response
  • No need to manually track your customers - Integrate with your systems to trigger send email feedback request after a transaction
  • Respond to customer feedback - Resolve their issue and inform them how you will use their feedback to benefit them
  • Automate feedback request email sending - Make it an essential part of your operation and customer experience strategy

How Email feedback can benefit your business?

Getting feedback from your customers is an incredibly simple and easy way to get insights that can grow your business. It can give you information about where your business is falling short of meeting your customer’s needs, and it can open your business up to entirely new markets and revenue possibilities. Understand your customers experience with effective way to collect timely feedback from customers and rapidly resolve issues.

Discover new opportunities

Unearth new ways that your customers are utilizing particular goods or services. This information can then help you identify and pursue new avenues for growth.

Improve products and services

Given that your customers interact more with your goods and services, they able to offer suggestions on what can be improved. When the feedback is implemented, customers stick around.

Build customer loyalty

Clients appreciate brands that care. A loyal client whose opinion is valuable to a business is unlikely to convert but you can only manage it if you can measure and act on.

Capture customer & employee feedback through various channels, including physical, digital, social, and voice. PXP cloud-based platform simplifies the process of monitoring customer satisfaction and provides actionable insights to prioritize improvements and drive business success.

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