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Unlock hidden insights from your customer phone conversations and track important trends, topics, and sentiment with PXP advanced voice call analytics solution. Press'nXPress technology seamlessly combines experience data, such as customer sentiment and emotions, with operational data, such as average call length, to provide you with a comprehensive view of your contact center performance.

Learn about your customer's experience

Automatically analyzes calls and convert into topics and sentiment

Promptly address customer needs

Get actionable feedback from the customer in-the-moment

High-quality insights from your customers

Track performance over time at agent, team, and company level

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Collect customer feedback after phone call and measure agent performance

What is a Post-Call IVR Survey?

Elevate your customer experience by using our post-call interactive voice response (IVR) feedback system. Our natural language-based IVR system prompts customers to leave feedback immediately after interacting with your contact center agents while the experience is still fresh. Our system uses voice prompts to ask questions, allowing customers to easily leave feedback using their phone buttons or by recording their voice. Our post-call IVR system provides valuable insights into your customer experience, allowing you to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.

  • Discover Key Trends in Your Voice Calls
  • Easy Integration with Your Call Center System
  • Measure Your Agents’ Professionalism and Knowledge
  • Accurate Call Transcription for Better Analysis
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement in Your Contact Center

Why using customer service post-call feedback?

Post-call feedback allows businesses to gain valuable insights into their customers' experience, identify areas for improvement, and increase customer loyalty and revenue. It can also help improve agent performance and provide better service to customers.

Improving Customer Experience: Post-call feedback allows businesses to gain valuable insights into their customers' experience, which can help them identify areas of improvement and make changes that improve overall customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty: When customers feel heard and valued, they are more likely to remain loyal to a business. By listening to feedback and taking action, businesses can create a sense of trust and loyalty among their customers.

Increasing Revenue: Providing excellent customer service is a key factor in driving revenue. Happy customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend a business to others, leading to increased revenue over time.

Improving Agent Performance: Feedback can also be used to identify areas where agents may need additional training or support. By addressing these areas, businesses can help their agents perform better and provide better service to customers.

Best Practices for Optimizing Post-Call Interaction Surveys Using IVR

Simple instruction requesting for feedback

Collect customer feedback easily by offering them the option to leave feedback at the end of the call or by providing a recorded message at the beginning of the call.

Ask for open-ended voice feedback

Gain Deeper Insights into Customer Ratings with Open-Ended Feedback. Understand the reasons behind low ratings by allowing customers to explain in their own words.

Request feedback not just about the agent

Take a holistic approach. Gather feedback about your company's products, services, and processes to improve overall customer satisfaction.

How IVR Feedback Drives Positive Business Benefits?

Post-call surveys are an effective way for businesses to gather feedback from their customers and gain valuable insights into what drives customer satisfaction. By analyzing the results of these surveys, businesses can identify key areas for improvement and make changes that drive positive business benefits, such as increased customer loyalty and revenue.

Businesses must consider critical survey topics such as agent performance, product or service satisfaction, and overall experience. By designing their surveys accordingly, businesses can optimize the feedback they receive and use it to make informed decisions that improve their customer experience and drive positive business outcomes.

Post-call surveys are a valuable tool for businesses to improve their customer experience, drive loyalty and revenue, and enhance agent performance. By carefully designing surveys and considering critical survey topics, businesses can gather valuable feedback that can inform their decision-making and drive positive business benefits.

Agent Information

The agents who interact with customers are crucial to the success of any business. IVR feedback can help identify areas where agents may need additional training or support, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

General Product or Service Information

By gathering feedback on products or services, businesses can better understand customer preferences and opinions. This can help improve product development and reduce returns, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue.

First Call Resolution Information

Efficiently resolving customer issues on the first call is a key indicator of successful customer service. IVR feedback can help businesses identify areas for improvement and ensure that agents are meeting customer expectations.

Capture customer & employee feedback through various channels, including physical, digital, social, and voice. PXP cloud-based platform simplifies the process of monitoring customer satisfaction and provides actionable insights to prioritize improvements and drive business success.

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