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To ensure you don't miss any opportunity to collect feedback from your customers, consider displaying a feedback QR code in any relevant physical or digital location. Our solution utilizes QR codes and chip-enabled labels, making it simple and cost-effective to implement. By complementing your existing feedback collection channels at every touchpoint, you can drive better response rates and collect quality data during essential moments. Don't miss out on valuable customer feedback - implement our solution today.

Convenient for anyone to use and share feedback

QR Code feedback links are great for collecting feedback from customers

Get feedback wherever your customers are

Actionable feedback with optimized link for any device —mobile, desktop, and tablet

Track, change and edit your QR Code question

Editability, trackability, and changeability are key elements of QR feedback links

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Collect feedback from customers simply with QR signage or label

What is a QR Code feedback link?

To collect feedback from customers anytime and anywhere, businesses can use QR Code feedback links, which are optimized for all devices. These links can be created for any touchpoint in the customer journey and are particularly effective when placed on print materials, allowing users to easily access them and share their comments. By using QR Code feedback links, businesses can enhance their customer experience and gather valuable insights to improve their products or services.

  • Customize QR labels, posters, and cards to reflect your brands
  • No installation or setup required for end-users
  • Single code for every location, presentation, or event
  • Easy to implement and simple to use

QR Feedback Request Use Cases

Printed receipts

Add a QR survey to the bottom of a receipt to kick off the feedback process.


Post QR code on flyers or signs for people to scan as they leave your store or venue.


Print a code on your menus to gather feedback on food selection or service.

Assembly manual

Feedback from customers when assembling a product with QR on the manual.

Product packaging

Include a QR survey for more general product feedback.

Presenter slides

Beyond capturing feedback on slides, QR can add interactive component to a lecture.

Printed banners

Increase customer feedback by printing them on flyers and banners of the venue.

Marketing material

Collect feedback by adding QR code on brochures, newsletters, flyers, posters, ads.

How QR feedback can benefit your business?

Getting feedback from your customers is an incredibly simple and easy way to get insights that can grow your business. QR code survey apps help improve your services and expand your reach logically with customer feedback data by allowing you to have a smooth-running business with a satisfied and loyal customer base.

Hotels & resorts

Maintain high-profile bookings by ensuring that each customer has a perfect stay at their hotel. To make customer feedback collection simple and convenient, add QR Code feedback link to table tents in each hotel room and give flyers away during check-in.

Commercial space and facilities

Gather tenant feedback with QR surveys displayed in prominent areas on the property, such as restrooms to monitor cleanliness, and outdoor spaces to gauge maintenance quality. The cost of maintaining existing tenants is much lower than finding new occupants.

Product or service experience

Use QR Code feedback easily to gather feedback on experiences as they happen.

Service, repairs & maintenance

Service business only functions if their customers are satisfied with their work. Get valuable feedback from each customer by adding QR feedback link to your business card or on the devices so customers can easily share their feedback.

Conference and event

Gathering real-time feedback throughout a conference or event specially if it is more than one day is key to understanding if things are going well to pivot and address an unexpected issue.

Printed and marketing material

You can capture customer attention just for a moment. Ask for feedback right then and there, to understand what your customers think about your product or service.

Event or transportation tickets

A QR code can also be placed on a ticket. This will help customers and visitors provide feedback anytime even before using the service or event.

Capture customer & employee feedback through various channels, including physical, digital, social, and voice. PXP cloud-based platform simplifies the process of monitoring customer satisfaction and provides actionable insights to prioritize improvements and drive business success.

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