Omni-channel Feedback Collection

Monitor and optimize staff, resident, and visitor satisfaction across the omni-channel interaction points. Press’nXPress collects feedback in real-time with Feedback Kiosk, SMS, Email, QR, web & app widget.

More than 45% feedback response rate

Press’nXPress simple clickable quick feedback collection approach ensures a high completion rate and high-quality data across all aspects of operation and service (in location experience, quality and speed of service, and staff attitude).

At the airports and train stations, ensuring a high completion rate and high-quality data across all aspects of operation and service is essential to providing an exceptional traveler experience. With Press’nXPress, our simple clickable quick feedback collection approach ensures just that.

Gather feedback from travelers on their in-location experience, the quality and speed of service, and staff attitude with ease. By utilizing our approach, you can ensure a high response rate and collect valuable data to improve your operations and enhance the overall traveler experience. Contact us to learn more about Press’nXPress and how it can benefit your operation.

Transform airport, station management, and operations with real-time feedback

Airport managers, site managers, regional managers, and service teams can enhance service quality and operational efficiency by leveraging real-time feedback and insights from staff, visitors, and travelers. With this valuable information, airport management can quickly take necessary actions to improve the travel experience, boost customer satisfaction, and optimize operations.

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Touchless Feedback Kiosk

Feedback kiosks with high response rates are an important tool for gathering real-time feedback at various touchpoints. This information can provide valuable insights into the travelers' experience at the airport and help identify opportunities for improvement. By utilizing feedback kiosks, you can enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately improve your airport's reputation.

  • Uncover operational issues & enable prompt service recovery in real-time.
  • Collect qualitative & quantitative feedback.
  • Stand alone & portable works with included battery.
  • Manage kiosks remotely for all locations and automatically.

Measure satisfaction at various touchpoints like Check-in, Security checkpoints, Gates, Restrooms, Retail and dining areas, Parking, Lounges

Opportunity Risk

Use Feedback To Drive Improvements

To optimize airport operations and enhance traveler experience, gather real-time feedback from various touchpoints throughout the airport. Our AI-powered Text Analytics can quickly identify critical concerns from staff, visitors, and travelers. Prioritize high-impact opportunities to enhance facility conditions and service delivery.

Use this information to improve the airport's reputation and exceed traveler expectations. Link to detailed reviews and leverage feedback to drive improvements. Enhance the overall airport experience and improve your competitive edge. Let us help you utilize feedback to keep your airport running efficiently and effectively.

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Press'nXPress Performance Rank
Press'nXPress Real-time Actionable Insights


Real-time & Actionable Insights

To optimize airport operations and improve the traveler experience, it's important to gather real-time feedback on areas of improvement. Our platform provides actionable insights to help you identify opportunities to enhance the airport experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Maximize airport operations and enhance the traveler experience with actionable real-time feedback. Our alerting system enables staff to monitor airport operations and promptly address negative feedback, improving customer satisfaction. With our platform, you can make data-driven decisions and optimize airport performance.

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Revenue Retention

Recover Service at Scale

Collecting real-time feedback from passengers is crucial to enhancing the airport experience. With Press'nXPress, you can encourage travelers to leave honest feedback, gaining valuable insights into the areas that require improvement.

A flexible and easy-to-use solution to gather feedback from any scale, whether you manage a single airport or multiple locations. With real-time monitoring of satisfaction scores, feedback, and insights, you can quickly identify any issues that may impact the passenger experience.

By acting on feedback, you can improve passenger satisfaction and retention across all areas of your airport.

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Press'nXPress Action Hub
Press'nXPress Team and Location Performance


Track Team Performance & Satisfaction Metrics

Gain full visibility into team performance across your airport and track service satisfaction metrics over time with Press'nXPress. You can use positive feedback to motivate your front-line teams and recognize their hard work, and negative feedback to improve processes and training.

Customize and group properties in a way that works best for your airport reporting. Our platform offers role and location-based dashboards that provide valuable insights and enable you to take action. With just a few clicks in our user-friendly dashboard, you can easily monitor and analyze team performances and service satisfaction metrics.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to continuously improve your airport operations

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Improve service quality

Using real-time feedback for more accurate and higher response rate, fix operational problems as they arise and prevent further issues by improving training and processes.

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Benchmark services

Track airport team performance and service satisfaction metrics, gain full visibility, and take action with Press'nXPress's user-friendly dashboard.

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Monitor experiences

Collect real-time feedback from passengers and gain valuable insights to continuously improve the airport experience with Press'nXPress.

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Ideal for Airport Operations and Service Delivery Enhancement

Improve airport service delivery with Press'nXPress. Gain insights from real-time feedback, track actions, and enhance the airport experience for travelers.

Transportation and Airport Feedback Press'nXPress


Collection of feedback, suggestion and comments from passengers and travelers is key to understand service quality and gaps.

  • Gain valuable insights into service delivery gaps by collecting real-time feedback from passengers.
  • Drive operational change and enhance the airport experience with reliable feedback, moving away from traditional feedback cards and surveys.
  • Swiftly address issues and recover service levels through real-time feedback collection and mitigation action.
  • Monitor the impact of new services or processes by collecting feedback and making necessary adjustments to improve the airport experience.

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Experience the power of real-time feedback collection and transform your airport operations for a seamless passenger journey.