Collecting Feedback in a Socially Distanced World

Collecting Feedback in a Socially Distanced World

By: Press'nXPress Team
March 17, 2021|4 min read

The last year has been challenging for businesses. Many have had to shift the way they provide their products and services quickly. If you have a brick & mortar store or location that is an integral part of your business, you've probably had to make changes to your operations to meet the requirements to keep your customers safe. So how do you collect customer feedback in a way that gives your customer peace of mind knowing they are safe when doing so? We took the challenge of COVID-19 and the increased need to collect customer feedback in a socially distanced world and designed our customer journey touchpoints to support your customers' safety. What can a socially distanced customer feedback journey look like?

Your Website

Since time in stores is limited and fewer customers are allowed in, more customers are looking at your website to review your products before heading to your store. As they browse products, this is a perfect place to add a feedback slider to measure how the website shopping customer experience is working for your customers.

Your App

If you've created an app to make it easier for your customers to explore your products, then incorporating a mobile feedback slider within it is a great way to track if the mobile app meets their needs.

In Your Store - TouchFree XPress

Since the questions posed on our feedback terminals are configured remotely from your dashboard, you don't need to have the terminal beside an employee. That remote management feature allows you to set up a customer feedback terminal in an appropriate location that helps your customer have the ability to provide their feedback but remain safe with social distancing.

Our TouchFreeXPress terminal also helps to collect feedback without the customer having to press any buttons. The terminal picks up when a customer places their hand over their feedback choice.

Your Text Messages - SMS

If you are using a contactless or curbside pickup option, you can integrate our SMS feedback collector into your sales process since customers will not be inside your physical location.

Your Emails

If you collect your customer's emails as part of your sales process, you can follow up with them later with our email feedback collector to check their satisfaction with your product or service.

We've listed here just a short path of collectors that can continue to gather the customer feedback you need but in a safe manner. One thing is clear. As businesses, we need to be better prepared to collect feedback in ways that allow our customers to be comfortable and safe no matter what is happening in the world. Are you ready?

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Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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