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Trust Press'nXPress platform to listen to customers in real time, understand customer needs in the moment, and respond instantly where it has high impact.

Press'nXPress Retail Customer Feedback Solution

PXP Retail

Evaluate retail experience and solve issues at unique touchpoints, such as fitting rooms, checkout, self service areas, and more. Improve retail operation and customer experience.

Retail Solution

Press'nXPress Hospitality and Hotel Guest Feedback Solution

PXP Hospitality

Happy hotel guests are likely to come again and possibly recommend the hotel. Capture instant customer feedback and take action. Improve hospitality operation and guest experience.

Hospitality Solution

Press'nXPress Restaurant and Franchise Customer Feedback Solution

PXP Restaurant

Faster to implement and use than any other survey platform to hear your customers' feedback in real-time. Improve your restaurant operation and guest experience across all locations.

Restaurant Solution

Press'nXPress Property Management and Facility Services Customer Feedback Solution

PXP Property

Collect satisfaction feedback from clients, employees, and visitors and act on the feedback. Improve property management and facility services operation and customer experience.

Property Solution

Press'nXPress Property Management and Facility Services Customer Feedback Solution

PXP Transportation

Transform airport's and station's service and operations with real-time feedback collection. Enhance the passenger experience and service satisfaction metrics.

Transportation Solution

Press'nXPress Employee and Deskless Worker Feedback Solution

PXP Employee

Increase productivity and decrease employee turnover by gathering at scale, real-time, ongoing, and anonymous feedback data from your workforce including deskless employees.

Deskless Solution

We provide our clients a platform to create better customer experiences today and tomorrow.

How We Work

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We start by deploying a pilot to a concentrated section of your business and processing the results to get your team onboarded.

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Then, we work together to further develop the journey map and deploy to more location and touchpoints that will help you to thrive.

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Our Customer Success team will assist you in interpreting data insights and making strategic recommendations to ensure your success.

Talk with an Expert

Simplicity for customers provides far higher response rate than any survey

Omni-channel Feedback Collection

Monitor and optimize customer satisfaction across the omni-channel and interaction points. Press’nXPress collects feedback in real-time with Feedback Kiosk, SMS, Email, QR, web & app widget, and call center.

More than 45% feedback response rate

Press’nXPress simple clickable quick feedback collection approach ensures a high completion rate and high-quality data across all aspects of operation (in store experience, online experience, quality of service, ordering, delivery and fulfillment and more).

With continuous feedback collection provide a positive experience to your customers and employees. All feedback is analyzed, prioritized, and automatically transformed into actionable insights. A single KPI which is easy to compare, analyze and act on. Press'nXPress real-time dashboard with heatmaps and alerts inform you when and where issues are arising.

Ideal for Businesses with Multi Location and Touchpoint

Scale your voice of customer program across multiple locations, countries and even regions.

Everyone in your organization can monitor the experiences, take action, and have an impact to your organization.

A solution for different industries such as retail, supermarket, hotel and hospitality, airport, facility services, universities, and casinos.

Comprehensive feedback management capabilities

for every experience interaction and touchpoint

PXP Physical

Collect feedback from customers and employees at physical locations and understand experience and service gaps across customer journey.

PXP Digital

Embed feedback collection into your website and mobile app or send email or SMS to gain experience insights for every touchpoint and journey.

PXP Voice

Listen to customers feedback and gather call insight in the contact center with a post-call survey that uses interactive voice response (IVR).

PXP Analytics

Understand why factor behind every experience and uncover opportunities to improve operation, product, service and customer experience.

PXP Sentiment

Leverage AI and ML to automatically uncover hidden meanings in large amounts of comments to determine the right action for each touchpoint.

PXP Action Hub

Act on the feedback & close the loop with customers by proactively responding to them and with workflows automate the process for efficiency.


Integrate with other applications to automate feedback collection and have all feedback insights available in your favorite reporting tool.

Misuse Engine

With misuse protection engine, the integrity of feedbacks and responses are validated to provide the true experience data and insights.

Admin Dashboard

Implement and manage your Customer Experience Management and Employee Experience Monitoring program and scale per your business requirements.

Revolutionize your customers' experiences with real-time operations. Take actions to improve service, staff behavior, and operation efficiency.

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