Facility Services Companies need Customer Feedback Solutions to Succeed

Facility Services Companies need Customer Feedback Solutions to Succeed

By: PXP Team
November 1, 2022|4 min read

There is always room for growth and development in any business. The difference between successful and unsuccessful facility services companies is often found in how well they respond to their consumers' needs.

A solid strategy for ensuring that customers will return and hopefully recommend your service to others is to provide them with a positive experience overall. Customer satisfaction refers to making sure that what customers expect from you is what they get when they utilize your services. This is a continuous improvement cycle that aims to bring customers’ needs and facility management service into alignment with one another, with the result of minimizing the experience gap and increasing customer satisfaction.

It is not enough to simply meet the expectations of customers; one must also collect and act upon the feedback that these customers provide. These kinds of insights would most certainly be helpful, not just in terms of meeting the defined operational goals but also in terms of going above and beyond them.

The way customer feedback is gathered, analyzed, and acted upon is a highly critical component of any facility services business strategy for improving customer experience. Excellent service is essential to maintaining a strong, ongoing relationship between a facility management company and its clients.

What are the benefits of a good Customer Feedback solution for Facilities Management Companies?

With a good customer satisfaction feedback solution, the centralized management team can get a good feel of how each facility and vendor is performing remotely. They can count on feedback to quickly point out any problems that need to be fixed right away. The most obvious benefit of a good feedback system is knowing what's going on and getting actionable insights to improve the service, and customer happiness and drive growth.

Listen to what's going on

The most obvious benefit of a good feedback system is knowing what's going on. With good customer participation, facilities services companies can count on feedback to quickly point out any problems that need to be fixed right away. Giving customers the power to give feedback immediately after using the service is the best way to keep an eye on operations and service quality.

Gain actionable insights

Analytics can identify relations and patterns in customer feedback data. A competent analytics engine can create actionable insights. The insights can be complemented with other types of operational data that can be added as context to the feedback collected such as location, time, daypart, and shifts. This kind of information is useful in locating problems and fine-tuning procedures, processes, and staff training.

Multi-location facilities management

Because distributed operations involve several facilities located in different cities and regions, it is even more crucial to have data curated for each facility and the individual provider. With a good customer feedback solution, the centralized management team can get a good feel of how each facility and vendor is performing remotely.

Improve vendor management

In most cases, businesses would either outsource their facilities management to a company that already has established relationships with several vendors, or they will engage with various suppliers for each function and service.

The feedback that is received, if curated according to the service, or more importantly, according to the vendors, would not only help in getting the feedback to the appropriate team promptly, but it would also collect data that is specific to either the service or the vendor for improving the service.

If the feedback is analyzed based on the service and the vendors, it would not only help get the feedback to the right team quickly, but it would also collect data that is specific to either the service or the vendor, which could be used to improve the service.

This can provide reliable vendor performance data for making comparisons. Whether it be daily follow-ups or contract renewal conversations at the end of the year, if facilities management has reliable performance data that is expressly available for vendors, they will be in a better position to interact with the vendors and get what they want.

Choosing a Facility Management Customer Feedback Solution

There are many "feedback solutions" with different functionalities that facility managers, building operations professionals, and decision-makers can choose. However, when selecting the one that would be most beneficial to facility management, the following criteria might be helpful.

High response rate

Choose a system that enables the greatest amount of quality data to be collected. The more people who take part in the feedback survey, the more accurate your picture of the customer experience will be. The customers should find it easy to share feedback, and it should be enjoyable for them to use to encourage increased engagement.

Real-time feedback solution

The solution should be able to collect feedback in real time when customers are receiving service. If the users are given a chance to share their feedback as they receive service, they will share their experience but not if requested long after the experience. Should enable measuring satisfaction at various touchpoints like reception, mail room, elevator, catering and restaurant, cafeteria, conference room, gym & fitness to understand employee, residents, customers, visitors and clients feedback.

Designed for use in facility management

Consider solutions that are developed specifically with the administration of facility services in mind. A solution that can combine qualitative user feedback with robust analytics and guidance.

Contextual feedback solution

It is important to consider a solution that can collect contextual data such as location data, date and time, shift data, and other operational data which could help in better monitoring and improving services.

Trend, compare and ranking

Beyond the organization-level insights, the solution should show trends at the floor, section, team, facility, and location level so that the facility services company can identify issues far earlier than they would otherwise become a global trend. This makes it possible to analyze any potential problems and resolve them rather quickly when they are in their early stages.

Insights dashboard

The obtained data should be curated to make it usable and prepared for action. It is an absolute must to have a cutting-edge analytics engine that is focused on achieving specific goals. There is little point in compiling all the data if no meaningful connections or patterns can be drawn from them. Every insight should become actionable when they are linked with the operational goals.

Facilities services companies that make use of the appropriate customer feedback solutions platform are in a better position to determine where they can make improvement in their day-to-day operations, which in turn enables them to improve the level of service they offer to their clients, increase customer happiness, and drive growth.

Our mission at Press'nXPress is to help our clients improve customer satisfaction by continuously monitoring customer experience. You can reach out to our experts to see how PXP Facility Services Feedback Solution can benefit your business today! If you have questions or would like to learn more, get in touch. Reach out and talk to us.

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