Possibilities of vote collecting channels

Improve Website Experience

Ask the right questions from your guests at the right time. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your website user experience; from browsing your website content to making a reservation or checking their account history.

Deliver seamless experience

by collecting relevant user feedback

Generate contextual insights

by pairing with rich website data

Boost conversion and booking rates

by letting guests tell you what can be improved in your website

Collect Feedback on the Website as Guests Make a Reservation

XP ON™ - Slider

Get feedback while potential guests are browsing your website. With the freedom to choose position of your feedback buttons ensure optimal feedback response. Target your customers with slide-in questions and let your potential customers give feedback anywhere, anytime.

  • Customized position of slider
  • Customized to fit seamlessly on your website
  • Collect contextual data
  • Open text comment

Slider feedback button

XP ON™ - Embed In-page

Get feedback while customers are browsing your site. Ask your website visitors for their opinions without interrupting their browsing experience, by embedding the feedback request question into your website.

  • Capture user feedback on specific webpages
  • Collect contextual data
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Open text comment

In-page feedback button

XP ON™ - Modal

Get feedback from your potential hotel guests using a modal window that pops up on your website. The Modal feedback collector can be triggered by event or behavior of user or it could be button on the website. The event trigger helps you ensure that all of your website visitors see the feedback request that meet the trigger condition.

  • Open by event or on demand with a button
  • Customize to your brand
  • Collect contextual data
  • Open text comment

Modal feedback button