Entrance & Exit
Possibilities of vote collecting channels

Measure Your Customer Loyalty

Your guests are in a rush on their way out but you have a chance to ask them a quick question if they will return to the property or if they would recommend your hotel to their friends and family. Don't miss this touchpoint and opportunity as you monitor your customer experience.

Understand the whole experience

by gauging the overall guests experience at exit

Measure your guests loyalty

by figuring out if they will recommend your hotel

Stop spreading negative experience

by giving your visitors a voice before they write review online

XP TouchFree™ - Touchless Smiley Feedback Terminal

Understand the overall guest experience at the exit doors with the TouchFreeXPress™ – the world’s first and only touchless feedback kiosk for hospitality. This is the game-changer feedback kiosk to understand guest experience during their stay. Simply manage the question of multiple touchpoints and hotel locations. Change questions remotely on an e-ink to monitor your customers' satisfaction.

  • Completely Touchless Kiosk
  • Change questions remotely from dashboard
  • Switch to ABC choice and understand the “Why”
  • Portable and wireless
  • Works with included battery 2+ years
  • Wireless built-in connection (GSM networks)

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Touchless Feedback Collector for physical touchpoints in hotel and hospitality

Touchless smiley & multiple choice kiosk


Stay in touch with your hotel guests on any device in their pocket. Feedback is a text message away from your customer. Send SMS and text message feedback request post checkout using Press'nXPress platform. Reach hotel guests via SMS in bulk with CSV import or connect to your systems via APIs and webhooks.

  • Customize your SMS feedback message
  • Send SMS feedback manually, or via APIs
  • Send bulk SMS feedback simultaneously
  • Mobile-friendly and easy to use for everyone
  • Track SMS feedback, deliveries and responses

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Two-ways SMS

XP Cast™ - Smiley Feedback Terminal

Wireless customer feedback terminals with three smiley buttons to discover the reason behind your customers’ dissatisfaction. Portable and easy to set up feedback kiosks at the entrance and exit touchpoint. A hassle-free solution to stay in touch with your guests and collect feedback during their stay. Ask the customer to input their feedback about a particular question at each feedback kiosk and effectively capture what your customers think about their overall stay and experience in your hotel property.

  • Wireless connection (GSM or Wi-Fi networks)
  • Portable and wireless with battery-life up to 3 years
  • High response rate of 30% and more
  • Plug and play
  • Automatically detect unreliable response
  • Alert and notification in real-time in case of dissatisfaction
  • High response rate compared to traditional surveys

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Push button smiley feedback kiosk

XP Cast™ - ABC Choices Feedback Terminal

Same idea as smiley terminal but smarter. When you are looking for additional information and precise answer, switch from smiley buttons to a multiple-choice button to capture guest qualitative feedback as they leave the hotel.

  • Understand the “Why” but keep high response rate
  • Wireless connection (GSM or Wi-Fi networks)
  • Portable and wireless with battery-life up to 3 years

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Multiple choices feedback terminal


Use the customer feedback tablet kiosk if you want to enable your customers to provide opentext comments. This additional input that you collect will complement and help you discover what elements of your service are causing dissatisfaction for your guest during their stay at your hotel properties.

  • Ask the follow up “WHY” question
  • Opentext comment
  • Direct to social platforms to leave positive feedback
  • Manage and change questions remotely

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Tablet feedback kiosk