PressnXPress Customer Satisfaction Management

Optimize customer experience to drive loyalty and growth

Press'nXPress platform provides the tools you need to discover insights from every customer interaction and conversation.

With Press'nXPress, your team can improve customer experience, increase customer retention, drive brand loyalty and revenue growth:

Press'nXPress empowers you to gather real-time data and feedback from your customers, significantly enhancing their experience. This platform serves as an invaluable tool for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

One of the compelling aspects of the Press'nXPress solution is its versatility. You can pose various questions to customers across different channels and touchpoints, ensuring that you don't repeat the same question in the same context.

Press'nXPress provides an overarching view of your organization's performance from a customer perspective. It enables you to stay connectedwith your customers consistently throughout the year, rather than relying on sporadic interactions. This continuous feedback loop contributes to an enhanced customer experience.

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Collect Feedback From Every Interaction Point

Go beyond the traditional direct feedback methods, such as surveys and chat logs, by incorporating in-the-moment micro-feedback and indirect data sources, such as social reviews and mentions—ensuring you’re no longer forced to make business decisions based on a fraction of available customer data.

Learn How Your Customers Feel About Your Brand Across Touchpoints

Our real-time pre-built dashboard empowers your teams across organization to quickly analyze the results and make the right decisions to take action and improve.

real time and actionable insights

Listen to Your Customers

Enable your customers to tell you what is most important for them, in the way they want as they interact with your brand

With Press'nXPress feedback collectors and analytics platform, equip your entire organization with powerful insights from feedback collected at physical interaction points, website, email, phone call, social reviews, and chats across customer journeys.

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Immediate Improvement Action

Empower the CX team and frontline employees with accurate and to the point recommendations, so they know precisely how, where, and when to act.

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