Possibilities of vote collecting channels

Let Your Employees To Be Recognized

An employee's paycheck was used to be a Tayloristic approach for maximum efficiency and making an employee succeed in a given task. We see the paycheck as a new touchpoint for gauging feedback from employees and increasing happiness and communication between management and the frontline workforce. The idea is to give employees the possibility to share their thought regarding their day-to-day tasks.

Let front-line employees feel appreciated

by actively listen to their needs and comments

Decrease turnover

by implementing regular contextual employee feedback

Send out the right vibes

by giving your employees lots of way to communicate and send feedback

XP Poll™ - Chip & QR Code

Display feedback QR Code in any digital and physical location that matter to you. With our simple and cost-effective solution using QR code and chip enabled labels, you can complement other feedback collector channels at every single touchpoint to drive better response rates, quality data, and get your employees feedback in essential moments.

  • Convenient for anyone to use and share feedback QR Code feedback links are great for collecting feedback from your employees
  • Get feedback wherever your employees are Get actionable feedback with optimized link for all devices—mobile, desktop, and tablet
  • Track, change and edit your QR Code question Editability, trackability, and changeability are key elements of QR feedback links

QR code & chip feedback label