How To Turn Negative Reviews Into A Positive Improvement To Your Customer Experience

How To Turn Negative Reviews Into A Positive Improvement To Your Customer Experience

By: Press'nXPress Team
April 15, 2021|4 min read

It’s been a busy day, and you’re just about ready to head home when you get a notification that you’ve received a negative customer review. You start your business’s process to resolve the customer issue, but you also wonder if there’s a way to improve your overall customer experience from this negative review. 

Negative reviews happen. It’s something every business deals with at some point. Usually, negative reviews can be efficiently dealt with by addressing the customers concern, resolving their issue and doing better next time with that customer. To shift from resolving individual customer issues to using the feedback you are receiving to improve your overall Customer Experience, it’s a matter of analyzing your data as a whole. You can then look for opportunities to add or enhance touchpoints to better monitor customer experience it happens. 

Start With Your Customer Service Categories

Whether being run through a CRM, tracking spreadsheet or labels applied to your emails, every customer service system has a way of categorizing the types of issues your customers encounter. Our Analytics Dashboard has that ability as well. If you are looking to identify touchpoints to gather relevant feedback, start with your top categories. Look at the places your customers are reporting the most issues and identify the right collector for that location. This added insight will allow you to reduce the volume in the areas that are driving your customer service issues by better understanding the customer experience during those interactions. If a customer can give feedback as it happens, they may feel that their concerns have been heard, and the review they leave may not be as harsh.

Make Sure You’ve Incorporated Social Media

Social Media can be an excellent tool for gathering insights about your customer experience. Using our Analytics Dashboard, you can do sentiment analysis on your social media channels to flag the negative reviews you need to analyze in-depth. Social media posts may also help you identify some spots where you need more granularity about what’s happening in your physical store or on your website. From that information, you can update questions on your existing collectors or add a whole new touchpoint that you hadn’t considered gathering feedback from. 

Don’t Discount Ancedotetal Feedback

Your frontline employees are one of the best sources of feedback on your customer experience. Because of how busy they can get throughout the workday dealing with customer issues one at a time, they may not be able to give you a high-level view of the total number of customers reporting a problem. They may also hear things from talking to customers that would great to know but might not ever be listed in a negative review. One thing to keep in mind here is that your employee feedback can be a touchpoint in your customer experience. That way, you turn anecdotal experience into details within your analysis dashboard. 

Always Look To Improve The Experience, Not Just Solve The Problems

With negative reviews, it’s extremely easy to get lost in solving customers issues, one right after the other, and not look at the high-level picture or trend. Even with individual touchpoints that have overall positive feedback, your customer journey may not be the best it could be. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you always keep your eye on the big picture of customer experience. Yes, you need to address every customer’s negative review to the best of your ability, but you also need to make sure you watch your high-level trend. 

No matter what approach you take to dealing with an individual negative review, you need to make sure you are always looking to improve how you collect customer feedback through your touchpoints on your customer journey. 

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Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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