What is CSAT and How Is It Measured In Press’nXPress?

What is CSAT and How Is It Measured In Press’nXPress?

By: Press'nXPress Team
September 15, 2021|3 min read

In today's competitive business landscape, understanding and optimizing the customer experience (CX) is crucial for success. Organizations across various industries are continuously seeking ways to improve their customer interactions and foster lasting relationships. Whether you are just beginning to build your CX operations or have been refining your process for some time, there's always room for growth and enhancement in your understanding and methods for analyzing your results. To help you gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, we will explore a key term frequently encountered in CX: CSAT. In this blog post, we will discuss the concept of CSAT, how it is measured, its purpose, and potential challenges. Armed with this knowledge, you can better implement CSAT in your CX strategy to drive meaningful improvements.

What Is CSAT?

CSAT, short for Customer Satisfaction Score, is a widely-used metric that provides a high-level view of your customers' mindset. It's easy to comprehend, simple to implement, and can yield valuable insights.

How Is CSAT Measured?

Various companies measure CSAT differently, but it is typically represented as a percentage of satisfied customers. For instance, you might see it displayed as "80% of customers give a positive review" or "The average CSAT score is 8/10". 

The Purpose of CSAT

CSAT serves as a metric to gauge how your customers feel about your brand. It functions as your report card, offering a key indicator that reveals when the experience you're providing isn't meeting your customers' expectations.

Challenges with CSAT and How to Address Them

One primary challenge with CSAT is that it represents a snapshot in time and provides an overall score. Therefore, it's essential to interpret the metric with this context in mind. To gain more granularity in your CSAT, consider asking questions segmented by touchpoints. This approach allows you to obtain a CSAT score for various stages of your customer journey and helps you pinpoint aspects that may be dragging down your overall score.

How Does Press'nXPress Measure CSAT?

No matter which of our Collectors that you use to collect responses, the idea of a CSAT is baked into our core functionality. We're measuring how many customers are giving you Green Smiley faces versus Yellow and Red. A three-layer scale that shows you clearly how a customer is feeling about their experience. 

CSAT score Press'nXPress Dashboard

How Can I Quickly View This In Press'nXPress?

One of the main ways we visual CSAT is in our Dashboard. Our Response cube gives you one great, easy to read visual to show you exactly where your scores are hitting.

Response card Press'nXPress Dashboard

What If I Need More Detailed Information?

If you need to identify what part of your Customer Experience is causing a decrease or increase in your overall CSAT, using our Customer Journey feature is the way to go. It shows the CSAT rating for each touchpoint along your Customer Journey path. It also overlays the previous period's scores so you can identify a positive or negative trend. 

Emotion State Press'nXPress Dashboard

How Do I Figure Out The Why Behind The Changes?

CSAT score is excellent to see how you are doing, but at some point, most businesses need more detail to take their Customer Experience even further. Collecting a qualitative response is very common when collecting Customer Experience scores and can give you that insight. Some businesses choose to only collect a qualitative response if a non-positive rating is given, but the choice is up to you. Our system allows you to assign a Category to your qualitative response options so that you can see a roll-up of answers in our "Why" cube. Thus, allowing you to see your overall scores and what's driving the changes. 

Why categories Press'nXPress Dashboard

Overall, CSAT is one of the critical customer experience metrics that can help you set goals for your Customer Experience operations and ensure everyone knows what you are working towards as a business. By understanding and effectively implementing CSAT in your CX strategy, you can monitor customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately enhance the experience you provide to your customers. Always remember that continuous improvement is the key to maintaining strong customer relationships and fostering loyalty.

Our mission at Press'nXPress is to help our clients improve the customer experience at any interaction point. You can reach out to our experts to see how the experience measurement can benefit your business today! Reach out and talk to us.

Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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