Why Understanding The Context of Your Customer’s Experience Matters

Why Understanding The Context of Your Customer’s Experience Matters

By: Press'nXPress Team
February 9, 2021|3 min read

More than ever, people expect to have a great experience when purchasing a product or service. We have so many options these days for where to spend our money, that it’s no longer just about the best deal, it’s about the customer experience when making that purchase. 

The difference between a one-time customer and a customer for life can come down to something as small as how smooth their last transaction has gone. New research is showing that “You won’t have many chances to get it right. One in three consumers (32%) say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience” - PWC. If you want to build a strong, business reputation that will ensure you have lifelong customers, you need to understand the context behind their experience. You need to know what’s good, what’s okay and what’s wrong so you can improve it and not lose customers. 

How can we help you achieve this? We offer a wide variety of products designed for your specific use cases that collect reactions as your customers express them. We pull all of our collecting channels into one dashboard that gives you the insight into your whole customer experience. Stop the guesswork. Stop trying to read your customer’s minds. Collect the reactions they express. Analyze from all various collecting channels. Make your business decisions based on data and improve your customer experience. 

Want to get to know more about improving your customer experience? Make sure to follow our Linkedin page for more information about our products, services and tips on how you can improve your customer experiences. Don’t be shy! If you have questions or would like to learn more, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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