How Patient Feedback Kiosks Enable Data-Driven Healthcare Improvements

How Patient Feedback Kiosks Enable Data-Driven Healthcare Improvements

By: Press'nXPress Team
August 23, 2023|4 min read

Healthcare is changing. Value-based care, consumerism, and public ratings mean optimizing patient experiences is now imperative for success. Yet many organizations still lack the continuous feedback needed to drive data-driven improvements. Patient feedback kiosks provide the solution.

Press'nXPress offers innovative patient feedback kiosks that capture real-time insights right at the point of care. Combined with advanced analytics, our kiosks help healthcare organizations:

  • Quantify experience impacts of strategic initiatives
  • Identify high-priority improvement areas
  • Pinpoint root causes of dissatisfaction
  • Connect feedback to operational metrics
  • Rapidly address emerging experience issues
  • Recognize and spread positive successes

In this blog, we explore the key benefits of our healthcare-focused patient feedback kiosks for enabling data-driven improvements across your organization.

Why Granular Patient Feedback is Critical

While annual surveys provide a lagging snapshot, they lack the qualitative details needed for decisive action. Patient feedback kiosks solve this by:

  • Providing continuous feedback at the point of care
  • Capturing open-ended commentary on specific interactions
  • Enabling segmentation across visit types, departments, and demographic factors
  • Spotting emerging issues in real-time before they spread

With rich longitudinal feedback tied to operations, organizations gain a feedback loop to identify what matters most to patients and quickly address problems.

How Our Kiosks Enable Data-Driven Improvements

Our patient feedback kiosks combine validated healthcare survey constructs with open-ended responses and integration capabilities that enable:

Root Cause Analysis

Natural language processing surfaces frequent topics and correlates sentiment with ratings to pinpoint priorities. For instance, feedback may show wait times are a larger driver of dissatisfaction than doctor communication.

Operational Insights

Feedback is automatically tied to the associated department, provider, or facility to analyze performance. Trends are tracked over time to quantify operational impacts.

Initiative Prioritization

Real-time dashboards make it easy to prioritize improvement initiatives based on patient feedback and identify those with the biggest experience payoff.

Performance Tracking

Experience metrics can be defined and tracked against strategic goals. For example, organizations can monitor progress on improving waiting room satisfaction month-over-month.

Issue Resolution Management

Negative feedback triggers workflow alerts to appropriate staff for investigation and resolution tracking. This ensures accountability.

Correlation Analysis

Our analytics uncover correlations between experience ratings and operational data like staffing levels or patient volume to reveal focus areas.

Proven Results Across Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations using our patient feedback kiosks have achieved remarkable results:

  • 30% increase in patient loyalty NPS scores
  • 62% improvement in issue resolution rate
  • 4.8 point jump in HCAHPS domain scores
  • 8:1 ROI calculated from experience improvements

By leveraging patient feedback, leading healthcare systems make data-driven decisions that improve experiences, care quality, reimbursement, and patient loyalty.

Partner with Press'nXPress for Data-Driven Patient Experience

Press'nXPress provides the patient feedback kiosk solutions, analytics, and expertise to help drive measurable healthcare improvements. Our flexible platforms and tailored services ensure long-term success optimizing patient experiences.

To learn more about leveraging granular patient feedback for data-driven improvements, contact Press'nXPress today for a free consultation and demo.

Our mission at Press'nXPress is to help our clients improve customer satisfaction by continuously monitoring experiences. You can reach out to our experts to see how PXP Feedback Solution can benefit your business today! If you have questions or would like to learn more, get in touch. Reach out and talk to us.

Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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