Hospitality Feedback In Context Matters

Hospitality Feedback In Context Matters

By: Genevieve Coates
May 16, 2022|4 min read
not happy guest feedback

Receiving a negative sentiment reaction doesn’t tell you much about managing the customer experience of your hotel locations. In fact, in this type of feedback, all you could pull as a metric would be an overall score but with no objectives as to what to improve.

not happy guest feedback

“I hate these doors.”

Now we’ve added a second step that triggers if someone selects a negative response to tell us what the issue is. But it’s an odd statement for someone to lash out about doors, but a statement like this from a guest could potentially affect whether they stay at a hotel location again. But how do you resolve this issue? Is it the front doors of the hotel? The doors between the staircases? The guest room doors? And what do they hate? Are they too heavy? Didn’t it lock properly? Or is it a more significant issue of doors not being accessible? These customer complaints only leave a hotel manager or operations manager with questions because there is no context to the feedback.

not happy guest feedback

“I hate these doors.” - submitted through the swimming pool feedback kiosk

Now we know that someone doesn’t like our swimming pool doors, which gives us more information. Perhaps we need to look at whether the swimming pool doors are accessible or if they are too difficult to open for a busy parent trying to wrangle children at the same time.

not happy guest feedback

“I hate these doors.” - submitted at the swimming pool feedback kiosk in Los Angeles hotel

Alright, now we know they hate the swimming pool doors at Los Angeles hotel location. With this information, we could compare to other feedback we’ve received about the swimming pool doors from other hotel locations to see if there is a trend of negative feedback. If this negative feedback is an outlier, we could take a step to resolve it by sending our maintenance team to that location and checking to make sure there’s not an issue.

unhappy guest feedback

“I hate these doors.” - submitted at the swimming pool feedback kiosk in Los Angeles hotel at 5:50 PM on Friday

The maintenance team found an issue with the doors that guest key cards weren’t working to open them from the inside. Comparing the timestamp on the feedback with the log of failed keycard attempts for the swimming pool doors, we’ve now been able to identify the guest who first encountered the issue, and our front desk staff has sent them a complimentary gift to apologize for the inconvenience while respecting their privacy.

happy guest feedback

“Amazing staff response to an issue I had with the swimming pool doors! Will stay there again!” - submitted at email checkout at 11:05 AM on Sunday

Without the context of the situation this guest encountered, they may not have returned to this hotel location or, worse, told everyone they know to stay away from this brand. But we had the full context of the feedback based on the setup, customer journey and insights. Think this would take a long time for an operations manager to find during your workday? We can narrow it down to one location, one touchpoint, and one negative feedback and collect the comment, time and date details that is needed to take action in the moment.

Press'nXPress dashboard filter

One great way you can easily see this insight in PXP dashboard is with our filters. As we notice a drop in sentiment, we can alter our filters to narrow down to particular areas or select one comment to show precisely the information we need to know.

Press'nXPress dashboard comments

The feedback and the context we collect that is accessible as insights in Press'nXPress dashboard makes it easy for you to identify what guests need or to help resolve an operational, maintenance, or process issue that may affect many other guests and your brand.

Our mission at Press'nXPress is to help our clients improve the customer experience at any interaction point. You can reach out to our experts to see how the experience measurement can benefit your business today! If you have questions or would like to learn more, get in touch. Reach out and talk to us.

Genevieve CoatesGenevieve Coates

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