Continue tracking customer experience during customer’s journey

Even ask your question later

Follow up with your customers and receive feedback on your key questions. Through XPressMail email widget or customized email plug-in, reach out to your customers to complete your customers’ experience insight. Keep it simple and focus on the key points to get more of that valuable feedback you need. See the sorted analyzed results and receive information and insights via our unified dashboard (XPressDash™) in real-time.

Keeping it simple and focused

This is the key to get more of that valuable feedback you need. Focus recipient attention to one question and a call to action button which encourages more of them to click and provide feedback.


  • Simple to Install
  • No Prior Technical Knowledge Needed
  • Drill down to the details or collect NPS
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Open comment
  • Real-time awareness
  • Integrates with other products and XPressDash™ for reporting
  • Mobile responsive