Customer Real-time Experience Monitoring Made Exceptionally Easy

Collect real-time customer feedback and share it with all your teams, systems, and processes to provide exceptional experiences.

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Press'nXPress CX Insights Dashboard

Optimize operations and improve customer satisfaction

Listen to your customers to understand why they like or don't like your brand, product, or service with real-time experience monitoring.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Measure every customer experience with real-time feedback

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Press'nXPress Insights Dashboard

Experience Insights

Engage and translate insights to action and improve the experience.

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Press'nXPress Integration


Automate sending a feedback request based on a transaction.

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Press'nXPress Automation


Take action on customer feedback and drive improvement.

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We provide our clients a platform to create better customer experiences today and tomorrow.

Start conversations and listen to customers

Automatically collect customer feedback directly after they receive service with customizable simple feedback requests that customers love.

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Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

Touchless Feedback Collector

Collect Feedback Simple and Easy

Get feedback via kiosk, email, SMS, or web for industry-leading response rates. Track any customer experience metric including NPS, CSAT or Customer Effort Score.

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Share feedback and insights with your team

Let everyone on your team access customer feedback in real-time with easy-to-use pre-built dashboards accessible on the web and mobile app.

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Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

Turn your retail customers into brand advocates

Enable your customers to tell you what is most important for them, in the way they want as they interact with your brand

With Press'nXPress Feedback collectors and CX Insights platform, equip your business with powerful insights from feedback collected at physical interaction points, website, email, phone call, social reviews, and chats across customer journeys.

Press'nXPress Testimonials


What customers says

  • Press’nXPress allows me to get in the moment data and feedback from all employees to really better engage your workforce. It is great retention tool in order to keep people happy and keep them working and engaged in their workplace.
  • One of the exciting points about Press’nXPress solution is that the leadership can ask different questions on different devices, you don't always have to have the same question in the same location.
  • Press'nXPress gives a general idea of how the organization is doing as a whole. Allows us to stay in touch with employees throughout the year, instead of just once or twice a year.

Provide unique experiences for your ever-changing customers

Press'nXPress solution and services enable you to improve experiences based on customer feedback insights to increase acquisition, retention, and spend.

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