Elevate Your Dining Facility Services with Effortless Real-time Customer Experience Monitoring

Gather instantaneous customer feedback and seamlessly disseminate it to all your dining facility teams, systems, and processes, ensuring consistently exceptional dining experiences.

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Enhance Dining Facility Operations and Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Leverage real-time experience monitoring to gain valuable insights from your customers, helping you understand their preferences and areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing your dining facility's brand and service quality.

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Dining Facility Feedback

Capture every dining experience with instant feedback.

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Experience Insights

Analyze and transform insights into actionable improvements for an enhanced dining experience.

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Seamless Integration

Streamline the process by automating feedback requests based on transactions.

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Efficient Automation

Implement changes based on customer feedback to drive continuous improvement.

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We provide our dining services clients with a platform to create superior customer experiences catering to both current needs and future enhancements.

Initiate Dialogues and Attentively Listen to Diners

Effortlessly gather valuable customer feedback immediately following their dining experience through personalized and user-friendly feedback requests, creating a seamless interaction that customers appreciate.

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Collect Feedback

Simplify Feedback Collection

Get feedback via kiosk, email, SMS, or web for industry-leading response rates. Track any customer experience metric including NPS, CSAT or Customer Effort Score.

Facilitate Team Collaboration with Feedback Sharing

Enable your dining services team to access real-time customer feedback and insights effortlessly through user-friendly, ready-made dashboards available on both web and mobile applications.

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Transform Your Dining Patrons into Advocates

Empower your customers to express their preferences and concerns as they engage with your dining services.

Utilize the Press'nXPress Feedback collection and CX Insights platform to gather valuable insights from feedback obtained through various touchpoints, including in-person interactions, website, email, phone calls, social reviews, and chat exchanges along their dining journeys.

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What customers says

Press'nXPress enables us to gather real-time data and feedback from all our dining facility employees, enhancing workforce engagement. It serves as an invaluable tool for employee retention, ensuring their satisfaction and active involvement in their workplace.

One of the notable features of Press'nXPress is its flexibility. It allows leadership to pose different questions on various devices, offering versatility in feedback collection, not confining you to the same questions in the same location.

Press'nXPress provides a holistic view of our dining services organization's overall performance. It aids us in ongoing monitoring and continual service improvement.

Deliver Exceptional Dining Experiences to Your Dynamic Customer Base

Leverage the Press'nXPress solution and services to enhance your dining services by incorporating valuable customer feedback insights, thus boosting customer acquisition, retention, and spending.

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