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Press'nXPress CX Insights Dashboard

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback Platform

Check out Press'nXPress platform—hardware, software, analytics, alerts, and predictive AI.

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A Powerful Customer Experience Platform

Automatically collect customer feedback directly after they receive service with customizable simple feedback requests that customers love.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback


Powerful touchless feedback kiosk. Simple, portable, and standalone.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback


Powerful could-based software. Access real-time. anytime, anywhere.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback


Actionable experience insights to understand customer expectations.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback


Get notification as soon as score drops in a touchpoint and location.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

Trend & Prediction

Monitor trends in experience score and take improvement action.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

Emotion Detection

Understand customer emotions with automated sentiment.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

Insights whenever you need

Actionable insights enable your staff to take action to ensure customers' expectations are met.

Notification and visualizations inform you when and where issues arise so your team can take action.

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Simple feedback collectors

Capture high volume response compared to surveys.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback


Portable touchless customer feedback kiosk

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

App Widget

Feedback widget for the digital screen, website and mobile apps.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

Email & SMS

Feedback widget in email, 2-way SMS feedback and email signature.

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback

Post call IVR

Feedback collection with IVR at the end of call.

Solutions Across Industries

Trust Press'nXPress platform to listen to customers in real time, understand customer needs in the moment, and respond instantly where it has high impact.

Press'nXPress Retail Customer Feedback Solution

PXP Retail

Evaluate retail experience and solve issues at unique touchpoints, such as fitting rooms, checkout, self service areas, and more. Improve retail operation and customer experience.

Retail Solution

Press'nXPress Hospitality and Hotel Guest Feedback Solution

PXP Hospitality

Happy hotel guests are likely to come again and possibly recommend the hotel. Capture instant customer feedback and take action. Improve hospitality operation and guest experience.

Hospitality Solution

Press'nXPress Restaurant and Franchise Customer Feedback Solution

PXP Restaurant

Faster to implement and use than any other survey platform to hear your customers' feedback in real-time. Improve your restaurant operation and guest experience across all locations.

Restaurant Solution

Press'nXPress Property Management and Facility Services Customer Feedback Solution

PXP Property

Collect satisfaction feedback from clients, employees, and visitors and act on the feedback. Improve property management and facility services operation and customer experience.

Property Solution

Press'nXPress Property Management and Facility Services Customer Feedback Solution

PXP Transportation

Transform airport's and station's service and operations with real-time feedback collection. Enhance the passenger experience and service satisfaction metrics.

Transportation Solution

Press'nXPress Employee and Deskless Worker Feedback Solution

PXP Employee

Increase productivity and decrease employee turnover by gathering at scale, real-time, ongoing, and anonymous feedback data from your workforce including deskless employees.

Deskless Solution

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