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Capture Customer Experience Insights in the moment

Continuously improve customer experiences with Press'nXPress and boost operational excellence and profit.

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A Powerful Customer Experience Platform

Automatically collect customer feedback directly after they receive service with customizable simple feedback requests that customers love.

Trend & prediction
Trend & prediction
Emotion Detection
Emotion Detection

Press'nXPress Customer Feedback Platform

Check out Press'nXPress platform—hardware, software, analytics, alerts, and predictive AI.

Simple feedback collectors

Capture high volume response compared to surveys.


Portable touchless customer feedback kiosk

  • TouchfreeXPress

Insights whenever you need

Actionable insights enable your staff to take action to ensure customers' expectations are met. Notification and visualizations inform you when and where issues arise so your team can take action.

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Solutions Across Industries

Trust Press'nXPress platform to listen to customers in real time, understand customer needs in the moment, and respond instantly where it has high impact.

PXP Retail Customer Experience Solution

PXP Retail

Revolutionize your customer experiences with real-time operations. Drive service, quality, and loyalty with Press'nXPress in-store and online customer feedback solution.

PXP Hospitality Feedback Management & Engagement Solution

PXP Hospitality

Revolutionize your guest experience and deliver unforgettable service, high quality and increase brand loyalty with Press'nXPress customer feedback solution that makes listening to guest feedback easy, powerful, and actionable.

PXP Restaurant Feedback Management Solution

PXP Restaurant

Revolutionize your customer experiences with real-time operations, from food preparation to staff service with Press'nXPress customer restaurant feedback solution.

PXP Property Management & Facility Services Feedback Solution

PXP Property

Deliver excellent service at every property, facility and site you run, while catching the negatives before they hit your performance figures, and your bottom line with Press'nXPress customer feedback solution that makes listening...

PXP Transportation Feedback Solution

PXP Transportation

Transform airport's service and operations with real-time feedback collection using Kiosks and AI-powered text analytics. Enhance the passenger experience and improve revenue retention by optimizing performance and service satisfa...

PXP Deskless Worker Feedback | Employee Experience Solution

PXP Deskless

Attract, develop, and retain employees and workers by collecting ongoing, real-time, and anonymous employee feedback to understand their needs. Identify areas for improvement for your workforce and act on feedback to show you care...

Employee Experience

The employee experience management platform that helps organizations understand what matters most to keep their frontline and deskless employees engaged.

Ready to Improve your Customer Experience?

We start by deploying a pilot to a concentrated section of your business. Then, we work together to deploy to more locations and touchpoints. Our Customer Success team will assist you along the way.

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