Employee area
Possibilities of vote collecting channels

The Employees Safe Zone

This touchpoint can add complementary information regarding your employees engagements and feelings. It's the touchpoint that you can collect half a day feedback from your mobile workforce and measure your employees' workday satisfaction with more open-ended questions.

Create a better employee experience

by gathering additional context with open-ended feedback

Increase your transformative agility

by knowing what else is complement for your mobile workforce in-the-moment

Enable leaders to acknowledge & respond to comments

by closing the loop with employees

Collect Employee Feedback in Resting Areas


Use app if you want to enable your employees to provide opentext comment. This additional input that you collect will complement and help you discover what elements of your service are causing dissatisfaction.

  • Ask the follow up “WHY” question
  • Opentext comment
  • Direct to social platforms to leave positive feedback
  • Manage and change questions remotely

Tablet feedback kiosk

XP Poll™ - Chip & QR Code

Display feedback QR Code in any digital and physical location that matter to you. With our simple and cost-effective solution using QR code and chip enabled labels, you can complement other feedback collector channels at every single touchpoint to drive better response rates, quality data, and get your employees feedback in essential moments.

  • Convenient for anyone to use and share feedback QR Code feedback links are great for collecting feedback from your employees
  • Get feedback wherever your employees are Get actionable feedback with optimized link for all devices—mobile, desktop, and tablet
  • Track, change and edit your QR Code question Editability, trackability, and changeability are key elements of QR feedback links

QR code & chip feedback label