Call Center
Possibilities of vote collecting channels

Make every call a source of insight to act on

Contact centers are one of the most popular channels that customers interact with brands, specially when they need immediate services and answers. Conversation between agents and customers are one of the richest source of insight about your services and products.

Increase agent efficiency performance

by collecting feedback after each call

Increase call quality and customer satisfaction

by applying our AI-powered speech analytics

Identifying areas for training and process improvement

by analyzing the call sentiments after each conversation


A post call interactive voice response (IVR) feedback is an audio based feedback request that is normally used in contact centres that uses natural language. After the customer has interacted with the call centre agent they are transferred (automatically or manually) to a voice promoted feedback system while the experience is still fresh. The voice prompts provide the questions and the customer leave feedback using the buttons on their phone or their voice recording.

  • Identify key trends in voice calls
  • Simple integration with call center system
  • Agents’ professionalism / knowledge
  • Call transcription
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

Collect feedback after every call