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Feedback Terminal

Collect customer feedback using frictionless feedback kiosk smiley buttons at any physical location. Ask one relevant question to the touchpoints at a time that triggers an informed and effective intervention. Customers express their feedback as they pass by the feedback kiosks and ensure a high volume of response. The substantial volume of customer feedback compared to the traditional survey builds confidence when it comes to making improvement decisions for your business and operation and ultimately increases profit.

Receive high-quality feedback effortlessly

Ready to use in a couple of minutes with easy and simple installation

Engage the right people at the right time

Get actionable feedback from the right customer with context

Receive alert and notification in real-time

Act on poor experiences before it's too late

Touchless Terminal Customer Feedback Collector

Smiley Feedback Terminal

Wireless feedback kiosk with three smiley buttons to discover the reason behind your customers’ dissatisfaction. Portable and easy to set up feedback kiosks at any touchpoint. A hassle-free solution to stay in touch with your customers and collect feedback. Ask the customer to input their feedback about a particular question at each feedback kiosk and effectively capture what your customers think.

Collect Customer Feedback With Smiley Device
  • Wireless connection (GSM or Wi-Fi networks)
  • Portable and wireless with battery-life up to 3 years
  • High response rate of 30% and more compared to survey
  • Plug-and-play easy to implement and scale
  • Automatically detect unreliable response
  • Alert and notification in real-time in case of dissatisfaction
  • Non-intrusive feedback in the moment of service

ABC Choice Terminal

Same idea as smiley terminal but smarter. Quantitative feedback tells you whether you have a problem but only qualitative feedback tells you "Why". When you are looking for additional information and a precise answer, switch feedback kiosk smiley buttons to ABC multiple-choice button. Once you have identified a specific issue from the quantitative feedback (such as promoter score or customer satisfaction), drill down the analysis into the qualitative feedback to understand the real reason behind the score.

  • Understand the “Why” but keep a high response rate
  • Wireless connection (GSM or Wi-Fi networks)
  • Portable and wireless with battery-life up to 3 years
Collect Qualitative Feedback in Location with Feedback Device

TouchFree XPress

Collect feedback right after point of service with Press'nXPress Touchfree Customer Feedback terminal – the world’s first and only touchless kiosk. This is the game-changer feedback kiosk. Simply manage questions of multiple touchpoints and locations. Change questions remotely on an e-ink to monitor your customer experience and employee engagement.

Touchless Customer Feedback Terminal to Capture Customer Feedback
  • Completely touchless
  • Change questions remotely from the dashboard
  • Switch to ABC choice and understand the “Why”
  • Collect Quantitative and Qualitative feedback
  • Easy to implement plug-and-play
  • Works with the included battery 2+ years
  • Wireless built-in connection (GSM networks)

Touchless Customer Feedback Kiosk for Hotel and Hospitality
Touchless Feedback Collector for physical touchpoints in Retail
Touchless Feedback Terminal for physical interaction points in Restaurant


Using the Press'nXPress feedback app kiosk enables your customers to provide open-ended comments. The additional descriptive information collected will complement and help you discover what elements of your service are causing dissatisfaction.

  • Open-ended response
  • Ask the follow up “WHY” question
  • Direct to social platforms to leave positive feedback
  • Manage and change questions remotely
Collect Customer Feedback from Customers With Tablet

How feedback terminal can benefit your business?

Understand your customers' experience and expectations by capturing your customers’ perceptions of your service performance in real-time and at the point of experience. Feedback terminals allow to collect customer feedback at the point of transaction. Feedback terminals dramatically increase the accuracy of the feedback collected. A readily available opportunity to provide feedback coupled with feedback kiosks when receiving service or interacting with your product is a recipe for authentic insights.


Improve your customers' satisfaction at critical points when they visit your business by placing the feedback terminals at strategic locations. Pinpoint and address service performance issues instantly, fresh after service, and avoid escalation. Create meaningful customer relationships, build trust, and promote loyalty so that your customers come back to your business.

Hospitality and Travel

Collect real-time feedback at every physical touchpoint with touchless customer feedback kiosk, and see the actions you need to take to increase conversions, satisfaction, advocacy, spend and much more. Create vacation experience so that your customers will want to revisit.


Today's competitive health services demand to monitor the service performance and meet patients’ expectations. Utilize feedback kiosk right at the point of care and capture patient’s perception in real-time to take improvement action.


Continuously measure traveler satisfaction throughout their journey at physical touchpoints with customer feedback kiosks. React to dissatisfied responses by taking immediate action and long-term operation and process improvements. Listen to your customer in real-time and promise a smooth travel experience.

Human Resource

You can only manage it if you can measure it. The simple to use employee feedback kiosk collects real-time, continuous, and anonymous feedback from your deskless workforce. Collecting feedback from the frontline workforce and improving the gaps leads to increased engagement and productivity, and lower turnover.