Increase Deskless Workforce Engagement With Press'nXPress Feedback Kiosks

Increase Deskless Workforce Engagement With Press'nXPress Feedback Kiosks

By: Press'nXPress Team
October 4, 2023|4 min read

Deskless employees represent over 80% of the global workforce. These frontline staff directly serve customers and power core operations across industries like retail, hospitality, logistics and healthcare. However, minimal tools exist for deskless workers to share insights and give feedback from the field. Feeling disconnected from leadership, deskless turnover often reaches an alarming 60% yearly.

Many organizations rely on sporadic employee surveys, which fail to capture the true voice of their deskless staff. Without company emails or regular computer access, response rates are low. The data lacks timeliness and input from all shifts. Simply put, surveys alone cannot facilitate an ongoing dialogue with your deskless teams.

Press'nXPress Innovative Feedback Kiosks

This is where Press'nXPress provides an innovative solution. Press'nXPress's feedback kiosks placed in high-traffic areas like timeclock or breakrooms make registering input easy and engaging for deskless staff. The inviting simple interface prompts workers to respond to the question by anonymously selecting one of the touchless buttons. It takes less than a second without needing to create logins or provide any identifying info. Anonymous QR cards can compliment the feedback kiosk for employees to share comments if they want to.

Driving Higher Response Rates

Deskless employees appreciate the simplicity, privacy and convenience of quickly voicing observations as they pass by. Because it's not disruptive like a survey, Press'nXPress kiosks yield a high response volume from nearly 100% of deskless staff across locations and shifts. This provides management much richer data compared to sporadic surveys with low opt-in rates.

Actionable Real-Time Insights

Press'nXPress's platform analyzes the wealth of real-time data captured from kiosks enterprise-wide. Leadership gains visibility into deskless sentiment and priorities with location-specific trends. Rather than waiting months like typical surveys, Press'nXPress's always-on approach monitors the pulse of the deskless workforce 24/7. Issues get flagged immediately, allowing for quick action.

Press'nXPress's intuitive analytics dashboard lets users segment by region, site, department, tenure and more. Drill down into open-ended verbatim comments from the voice of your frontline. Identify opportunities to better support your deskless teams based on their direct, unfiltered feedback.

Closing the Feedback Loop

Importantly, Press'nXPress allows closing the feedback loop through follow-up pulse surveys. Measure impact of changes implemented based on deskless worker input. This critical step reinforces that leadership listens and responds, promoting higher engagement. Deskless employees see their voice shapes better training, tools, facilities and policies that impact their work.

Press'nXPress Satisfaction Kiosk

Fostering Connection and Retention

In today's tight labor market, building an emotional connection with your deskless workforce is key to retention and productivity. Press'nXPress feedback kiosks open the channels for an authentic two-way dialogue between management and the frontlines. The always-on solution scalably captures unfiltered insights from deskless staff enterprise-wide. Analytics offer actionable data to drive better decisions and experiences for your teams.

Press'nXPress reinvents voice-of-employee strategies to meaningfully engage the overlooked deskless majority. The feedback kiosks coupled with powerful analytics empower businesses to reduce deskless turnover through fostering an inclusive culture. When your deskless workforce feels genuinely heard and valued, it ignites higher performance and loyalty from these essential frontline employees.

Listen to Your Deskless Workforce

Now is the time to proactively listen and respond to your deskless teams with tools like Press'nXPress's feedback kiosks. Get started, encourage employee participation and involvement in the initiative to build buy-in and increase adoption. Review the results and take action to show you care about your workforce. Purposeful engagement of the frontline workforce strengthens your entire organization. This investment in the experience of your deskless staff truly pays dividends across the business.

Want to get to know more about improving your employee experience and customer experience? For more information about our products, services and tips on how you can improve your employee experience check out PXP Feedback Solution. If you have questions or would like to learn more, get in touch.

Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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