About Press'nXPress
About Press'nXPress Customer Feedback Platform

Benefits of Press'nXPress Feedback Management Platform

In-the-moment feedback

Once the collectors are configured in the customer journey, you’ll get a constant stream of micro-feedback from every touchpoint over time.

Contextual feedback

Add meaningful contexts to customer feedback at the moment of collecting the feedbacks.

Omni-channel feedback

Modern customer journeys are very complex. The only solution that provides inquiring in-the-moment feedback across physical, digital, and voice channels.

Real-time experience trends

Proprietary IoT-based feedback collectors for physical locations and digital widgets and plugins are an important parameter in tracking the experience trends in your business.

Improved accuracy of feedback

Asking for micro-feedback from customers when the experience is fresh in their minds, will give managers the most accurate and honest feedback.

Higher response rates

Customers will be more likely to share feedback when it is a simple and relevant question.

More targeted feedback

The micro-feedback method allows targeting specific customers at every touchpoint. Ask certain questions only to people who engaged with a specific service, or at a specific location, day, and time.

Closing the loop & increasing trust

Customers want to feel like companies are listening to them. If you take their feedback seriously and improve the service and touchpoint, you’ll easily gain their trust and loyalty.

Better retention, revenue, and growth

Measuring, monitoring, and improving customer experience continuously will improve companies’ key performance metrics.

Go beyond your customer expectations by inquiring and interpreting feedback and improving service using the Press’nXPress platform.