About Press'nXPress
About Press'nXPress Customer Feedback Platform

Interact with Customers Across Customer Journey

Rather than asking customers their opinions about the entire experience out of context or through a survey, companies should target touchpoints through the customer journey and ask the most relevant question at the precise moment of the service, frictionless and non-intrusive.

The key to this approach is to ask a single question at a time

Today, people do not have time to be roped into a survey, even if it is only a few questions. However, a single relevant question with a simple one-click response does not require any additional effort to answer.

Press’nXPress solution applies predefined, canned responses wherever possible through the customer journey to get high response rates, with an option to add context to the feedback and capture the outliers at the touchpoint.

Contextual Micro-Feedback

Contextual micro-feedback solutions offer a quick and targeted approach to gathering customer feedback. By asking a single, relevant question based on factors such as location, time, day, and weather, these solutions make it easy to capture feedback on a large scale while improving response rates and accuracy.

Unlike traditional long surveys, which can be time-consuming and yield low response rates, contextual micro-feedback solutions enable customers to provide feedback through a simple and easy process. Customers can choose from predefined choices or leave comments and contact information for further follow-up if needed.

Enable customers an opportunity to provide feedback through a simple and easy process, but then try to hook them into a deeper conversation if needed. This micro-feedback method can take many forms, but the principle is always the same. The more willing customers are to give feedback, the deeper the engagement can get. With contextual micro-feedback, businesses can quickly identify areas for improvement and stay ahead of customer needs and preferences.

How Press’nXPress platform works

  1. Ask a simple and relevant question to the touchpoint fresh after the service
  2. Understand the reason behind their feedback with simple related predefined choices or free text comments
  3. Close the loop with them by contacting customers regarding their feedback

Get a high number of responses to the important questions at every touchpoint.