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The Press'nXPress Integration API can be used to pass information in and out of Press'nXPress. Use the Press'nXPress API to automate sending customer feedback request email or SMS when a transaction is recorded in your business systems. Similarly, you can automate sending a feedback email request based on an event like contact creation in your applications such as CRM.

The Press'nXPress - Zapier integration allows you to create “zaps” in Zapier to connect with thousands of other compatible applications such as HubSpot, Google Sheets, Slack, Facebook, and more. Automate customer feedback collection by integrating your existing business applications using Zapier and understand your customers experience.

With the Press'nXPress reporting API access the customer feedback insights generated in Press'nXPress. We enable seamless integration of customer response data straight to your organization corporate reporting systems. With the API, Press'nXPress feedback results are automatically and continuously combined with your other Key Performance Indicators to understand the impact that customer satisfaction on achieving and maintaining high levels of operational performance.

Take your experience management to the next level Press'nXPress Integration will save time and break down silos by integrating into the systems you already use. Use and action on the feedback your receive more effectively. Get the most out of Press'nXPress while seamlessly integrating with your existing software and applications.

Integrate Customer Feedback In Your Process By integrating the Press'nXPress with other business softwares understand the impact of Customer Satisfaction on other company metrics and recognize its importance in your brand success and growth.

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