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Close the Loop and make your customers love you

One of the key aspects of the feedback management process is to always follow-up with customers when they provide you feedback and comment. This process is called closed-loop feedback and to ensure no comment is forgotten, it is best practice to have a notification and ticketing management system in place. In other words, “closed-loop” is when you respond directly to customer feedback.

By following-up with the customer, you can resolve the issue quickly and mitigate dissatisfaction and customer churn. The most successful companies see unhappy customer comment as an opportunity to resolve the complaint and keep the customer loyal. Customers would be more likely to do business with an organization again if their complaint was handled well the first time.

Besides preventing unhappy customers from becoming detractors it’s equally useful to follow up with neutral customers and turn them into promoters. Your promoter customers who give you positive feedback like to be heard. By following up with promoters you will motivate happy customers to share your product or service with a colleague and friend.

Track every customer interaction across every touchpoint Press'nXPress contact & conversation hub will make it possible to act on the feedback you receive through the customer journey. We let feedback flow smoothly through your organization, making sure it is delivered to the right teams. Directly engage with the customer through our platform which enables you to manage all activities in one place. See the history of all customer feedback in one place. Engage your team so no customer feedback is missed; assign tasks, track actions, write notes, set reminders, and visualize progress until the case is closed. As soon as anything important happens our system notifies you through live alerts. Closing the loop with customers who had a bad experience is as easy as this.

Automatic tagging lets you take action at scale Turn customer feedback into actions by utilizing automated clustering and sentiment analysis. Everyone in your team will be able to understand the issue with identified clusters and sentiment scores that help them to take the right action. Get a complete view of every customer interaction with ticket tracking and integrations into your key business data systems.

Translate insights to action and improve

Automatically identify and flag negative responses
Assign the feedback to the right team member
Reply to the customer directly or automate response
Configurable workflows to increase efficiency
Integrations to trigger events in other systems