Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal: Collect feedback anywhere

Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal: Collect feedback anywhere

By: Press'nXPress Team
July 15, 2021|3 min read

Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal collects real-time point-of-service customer feedback at physical locations. Like, the rest of the Press'nXPress customer experience products, is easy to set up and syncs with Press'nXPress dashboard, putting all of your customer feedback in one place.

Press'nXPress Feedback Terminal is an end-to-end solution for gathering feedback from customers in your physical locations as they interact with your brand. With Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal, you can get feedback from customers with quantitative smileys or qualitative ABC choices to understand the 'Why'.

Furthermore, the Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal is completely customizable, and you can change the questions or ABC why choices from the dashboard at any time, allowing your team to easily manage it and capture the most important insights.

Optimized for high response rate, Press’nXPress is already being used by our customers to collect actionable in-person feedback. Businesses ranging from retail, fitness, casino, hotel, and many more collect real-time customer insights using Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal. Complete experience insight by capturing Where -feedback kiosk location, When -feedback date and time, and Why –ABC choices. The simplicity and ease of use for customers make Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal an ideal value-add to any CX efforts that has physical location specially in retail, fitness, hospitality, and transportation.

Collect Qualitative Feedback with Customer Feedback Kiosk

Feedback Kiosks collect more feedback anywhere

Unlike surveys, Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal collects feedback in physical retail locations and in-person experiences more easily than ever before. More than 30% of people passing by the Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal will rate their experience.

Consumers do not need to scan a code, save a receipt, or visit a website on their own device when using Feedback Kiosk. All they need is responding to one question just in a second with Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal to share their feedback. This means you'll be able to see feedback, positive or negative, and flag team members in real-time to implement suggestions and fixes right away.

Here is a list of Feedback Kiosk features:

  • Feedback Kiosks of every location and touchpoint has own identifier, which makes feedback analysis super powerful.
  • Remote question change capability enables to easily manage multiple locations.
  • Completely touchless feedback kiosk to ensure health and safety.
  • A branded experience by adding your logo to the Feedback Kiosk.
  • Add any customizable message on the display for communication and marketing.
  • Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal supports any language, which means you could collect feedback worldwide.
  • Customers can provide comment or contact detail by scanning unique QR code of each Feedback Kiosk.
  • Connected to internet with built-in wireless mobile network connection.
  • Completely portable Feedback Kiosk which works on battery more than 2 years so it can be placed anywhere.

Feedback Kiosk is perfect for retail store, hotel and resort, shopping center, gym and fitness, airport, university and college, restaurant, casino, bank, and spas. Almost any business that can benefit from gathering customer feedback in person and just after receiving a service.

Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal can be set up on counters, placed on stand, or mounted for easy access.

How to set up a Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal

The Feedback Kiosk can be set up within minutes and no extra engineering or resource is needed. Follow below few simple steps.

1. Add the location of the Feedback Kiosk to the dashboard

2. Select the question you want to display

3. Add the feedback kiosk serial number and you are done.

4. Place the Press’nXPress Feedback Terminal in the location

5. Start collecting feedback.

No matter how small or large the business is, Press’nXPress is an affordable solution and helps any business to manage and collect all customer feedback from one easy-to-use platform. When used with other Press’nXPress feedback collection methods (email, SMS, website, app, QR, phone), you’ll be able to capture feedback for every step of your customer’s journey. The insight will enable businesses to identify service gaps and make improvement.

Start using Feedback Kiosks right away! You can start with a trial period, or you can put Press’nXPress to the test by using digital channels such as website, email or QR code. You'll also get to try out Press’nXPress user-friendly dashboard and explore real-time insights generated from your customer’s feedback.

Want to get to know more about improving your customer experience? Make sure to follow our Linkedin page for more information about our products, services and tips on how you can improve your customer experiences. Don’t be shy! If you have questions or would like to learn more, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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