Importance of Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Importance of Customer Satisfaction Measurement

By: Press'nXPress Team
January 12, 2021|3 min read

Customer satisfaction is at the core of experience with an organization and reflects the perception of the product and service received. Organizations need to understand customer’s satisfaction levels with their products, services, or experiences. It helps to gauge the gap between customer’s expectations and the products, services, and experiences they provide. High levels of customer satisfaction are predictors of customer and client retention, loyalty, and product repurchase. The insights will guide the company to recreate these experiences or improve them.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT measures customer satisfaction to gauge customer’s needs, understand problems with products or services based on a question like “How satisfied are you with the service you received today?”. The highest ratings are used to calculate a percentage score: 100% being total customer satisfaction and 0% total customer dissatisfaction. CSAT is easy to understand, simple to use, and can be rich in insight.

Besides rating score, it is important to ask for details from the customers using categorized factors or open text feedback. These responses will help to get detail about your customer’s experiences to uncover insights that could help to improve the service, product, or experience.

When to Measure Satisfaction

To get the best response rate and insight, it is important to ask the question right after the service when it is fresh in the respondent’s mind. Customer satisfaction should be asked at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Request feedback across physical touchpoints and digital touchpoints like website, app, email, or phone.

From Insights to Action

More important than measuring customer satisfaction is what to do with the data and insights. When customers give feedback, they want to see a response and/or improvement from the company.

Close the loop– Act on feedback from customers. This is a chance to mitigate any dissatisfaction and service gap to keep them loyal.

Analyze feedbacks– Analyze data and insights to identify trends and patterns in customer expectations and service gaps. Identify improvement areas, prioritize, and act on them.

Feedback insights access- Ensure every person and team in the organization is onboard on customer experience strategy and has access to feedback data and reports.

Our mission at Press'nXPress is to help our clients improve the customer experience at any interaction point. You can reach out to our experts to see how the experience measurement can benefit your business today! Reach out and talk to us.

Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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