Monitor and track your performance in real-time

A comprehensive and unified real-time customer satisfaction monitoring and analysis platform.

XPressDash™ is our customer experience management system based on intelligence data analysis algorithms to visualize analyzed customer’s (or employee’s) survey results from physical locations, online pages and events on every smart gadget such as smartphone, tablets, and PCs, in different forms of charts, scores, and memos through mobile IOS and Android applications or web browser online desktop view . This real-time managerial dashboard enables managers to monitor and track the mood of their own business by being uncovered strength and weakness points. Customer and employee experience and satisfaction status are translated basically into NPS, CSAT and CES scores. The Quick view format presenting a holistic view of the business situation at a glance gives a whole insight about how the business is going on. By defining own thresholds, receive alerts and notifications when the conditions are met. accordingly the advanced analytics dashboard make it possible to efficiently go into the depth towards finding out those gaps and problems that affect customer experience (or employee mood) negatively and then taking corrective actions to improve. XpressDash is a useful tool for your plan-act-do-check (PADC) strategy.

It Integrates with our all feedback collecting products

XPressDash integrates with our all other products XPressCast, XPressOn, XPressApp, XPressPoll and XPressMail to provide a complete insight and customer experience management of your whole portfolio and different customer touch points.


  • Real-time NPS/CSAT tracking
  • Integrate, aggregate, and analyze data from every touchpoint
  • Ranking/Comparison between locations
  • Different access levels and privileges
  • Available on all platforms iOS, Android, web browsers
  • Customized and real time alerts and notifications
  • Summarized data view with XPressView™
  • Advanced dashboard for in depth analysis, comparison, filtering
  • Inbuilt misused protection
  • Anomaly detection
  • API to integrate to other systems such as CRM or pricing systems