Monitor and track your performance in real-time

A comprehensive and unified real-time customer satisfaction monitoring and analysis platform

XPressDash™ is an end to end customer experience monitoring dashboard. It visualizes integrated and analyzed customers’ or employees’ feedback collected from physical and digital touchpoints. These visualizations are presented in different forms of charts, scores, and memos which is easy to understand.

This real-time dashboard enables managers to monitor customer and employee experience changes based on different calculated metrics and KPIs. The XPressView is a quick and simple dashboard that provides key customer satisfaction highlights across different touchpoints. The advanced analytics dashboard makes it possible to dig deeper into the data and discover gaps that affect customer experience (or employee mood) negatively and take corrective actions to improve.

Integrates with our all feedback collecting channels

XPressDash is one stop shop that provides complete insights about customer experience across all touchpoints of customer journey.


  • Real-time satisfaction and experience tracking
  • Integrate, aggregate, and analyze data from every touchpoint
  • Ranking/Comparison between locations
  • Different access levels and privileges
  • Available on all platforms iOS, Android, web browsers
  • Customized and real time alerts and notifications
  • Summarized data view with XPressView™
  • Advanced dashboard for in depth analysis, comparison, filtering
  • Inbuilt misused protection
  • Anomaly detection
  • API to integrate to other systems such as CRM