Collect numerous customer feedback instantly at physical point of service (POS)

Portable and wireless

XpressCast is a portable and wireless terminal designed to measure customer satisfaction or employee mood by asking the most important questions. The buttons can be a multiple-choice, emoji smiley face, or totally customized to fit your own visual identity.

High response rate

Simplicity of this product facilitates a very high response rate among other products. It presents itself more valuable in crowded touch points where a significant sample of customers easily and promptly can express their feedback. XPressCast features visual customized design to fit the brand identity.

XpressCast terminals can be distributed across entire service points to cover all points of distinct service which makes it possible to collect and access client experience at different customer touch points. With the grouping option in XpressDash (managerial dashboard), trends, which are basically in forms of net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction score (CSAT) or customer effort score (CES) are monitored and tracked both individually for every POS (point of service) and collectively for a group of terminals enabling customer experience management based on the defined KPI per units.l


  • Wireless connection (mobile networks)​
  • Battery powered (up to 2 years on single charge)​
  • Real-time awareness​
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Customization possibility
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Low device cost
  • High response rate​
  • Integrates with other products and XpressDash™ for reporting