Collect customer feedback in real-time at physical touchpoints

Portable and wireless

XPressCast is a portable and wireless feedback collection terminal. It measures customer satisfaction or employee mood at physical touchpoints.

Place these terminals at every touchpoint to collect valuable customer feedback right at the time of service. The response buttons are emoji smiley faces or can be customized to fit your own visual identity.

High response rate

Simplicity of this product facilitates more than 30% response rate in real-time. It presents itself more valuable in crowded touchpoints where a significant number of customers can easily and promptly express their feedback.


  • Wireless connection - cellular network
  • Battery powered 1+ years on single charge
  • Real-time alerting​
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple and user friendly
  • High response rate​
  • Flexibility to install on stand, counter or mount on wall or glass